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We have had an absolutely insane month of April. The last ten days in particular have just been one wild bit of insanity after another.

Day 3: April 20, 2012
I have no pictures from this day. It involved a check at the eye doctor, some schoolwork, and a phone call that Art’s grandpa had been moved to hospice . . . which led to . . .

Day 4: April 21, 2012
. . . which we spent cleaning the house, packing suitcases, and preparing for a whirlwind trip to St. Louis to see Grandpa Pete, but not before . . .

. . . a certain little Miss is turning 3 this week! (she's not sad in this picture; her eyes just looked a little like she had been crying for several days post-surgery).

Day 6: April 23, 2012
Art and I spent 8 hours in the van driving from Omaha to St. Louis. When we arrived at the hospice, Grandpa Pete was sitting up in his wheelchair, and we spent awhile talking with him and with Art’s aunt and uncle. We spent the night at Grandpa’s house.

. . . to our homeschool group's sharing day! Bubs showed some of the pictures he has taken. Stinky played a piano piece. Then we had to head home, so that we would be there to accompany Art as he turned in his LAST ASSIGNMENTS EVER for seminary!

He got a little strut in his step after handing in those last papers. He already got them back, and he got 100% on all of them! And then, the moment we've all been waiting for . . . the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL pictures!


Now TEAR UP THAT NUMBER! Good-bye, third grade!

Stinky's turn!

Farewell, First Grade! (He was just a little excited.)

Quick, everyone! Group picture before it starts to rain!

(For the record: The next ten days look just as crazy. Try not to be jealous!)


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