2013 Year in Review– Family Picture Edition


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So with 2013 behind us, I thought I’d go back and do a year-in-review post, based entirely on Facebook. Then I realized that we had way too much stuff to do only one post, so this is the first of several blog posts reviewing our year. This one is all the pictures I posted this year of our family all together. As I’ve been doing this, I have realized that I miss blogging. So I’m hoping and planning to find more time in 2014 to dump my thoughts in this space.

Happy New Year! (Or Happy Near Yew, which is what I originally typed. Awesome.)

March 31– Easter Finery

April 22– Family Adventure to the SAC Museum

May 13– Family Adventure at a county park

June 26– Greenfield Village @ the Henry Ford
06.26a 06.26b

June 27– Henry Ford Museum

June 28– Lake Michigan

August 21– after 3 days of camping.

August 22– first day of school
08.22a 08.22b

October 19– Pumpkin Patch

October 21– Family Adventure to the Loess Hills

October 25– carving pumpkins. Technically we are all in there! ;)

November 18– Christmas Card pictures. These actually were never on Facebook, because they were going in the cards, but I thought they were worthy of being shared here. :)
11.18a 11.18b

December 24– Christmas jammies!

December 31– Joslyn Art Museum
IMG_1200-Edit-Edit small



In Which I Ramble about Glue Sticks, Jumping Jacks, and Pesto, among Other Things


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Today I went grocery shopping, which was very thrilling. I also bought approximately 30 glue sticks, because they are on sale. At the rate which Squeezy has recently been using glue sticks, those might last until September.

Also today I started working in the basement. I took a bunch of before pictures but they’re too depressing to share here. So I’m just sharing one, because this is the mess I dealt with today. It’s the little space IMG_3504at the bottom of the basement stairs, and it contained a huge pile of cardboard boxes. Some were empty, some were full of garbage, and some were full of stuff that should have been unpacked about a year ago. :P There were more under the stairs, as well. I broke down all the empty boxes, moved the ones that need unpacking to a different spot in the basement, and filled up one big box with trash and packing material. Currently the boxes are still down there, because I’m not sure what to do with them. I need to consult with my husband about this highly pressing matter.

I also had the boys empty out a box of their belongings (a few months ago we had to confiscate a bunch of stuff and it ended up in the basement), so that’s one more box down. It’s a really big job down there, but I’m hoping that by doing about half an hour a day I can get a big chunk of it taken care of by the end of the month.

Today I also did this workout. interval workout from back on pointeIt is quite possible that Leta, the girl who invented this workout, is evil and was trying to kill me. She has this as a “beginner” workout and oh. my. word. I made it through three sets, although those star jumps? Yeah. I did about 10 seconds the first two times and then didn’t even try the third time.

Also, I have to modify the mountain climbers because my wrists don’t deal well with life when I try to put my hands flat on the floor and then support my body weight with me. But everything else I think I did pretty well, and even though I was sure I was going to die by the end, I didn’t, and I’m proud of myself for that. We’ll see how I feel about it all in the morning. It’s quite possible I won’t be able to move. In which case, I suppose I shall have to lay in bed while my family brings me cake carrot sticks.

Tonight I made one of my family’s current favorite meals, these pesto paninis from naturebox. Her recipe calls for leftover turkey, but I used chicken. Also I used homemade bread, because I was feeling all Martha Stewarty. Well, actually, I used homemade bread for everyone’s sandwich but mine. For mine I used diet bread, because life is very sad. Honestly it was excellent with the diet bread, too. Pesto is so good. I only use a little but it just brings such a delicious flavor to the sandwich. Darth Piggy is also a huge fan of pesto and would possibly eat it with a spoon if I would let him. Which I won’t, because MY PESTO.

So anyway, that’s probably enough rambling from me for one night. Maybe I’ll blog again tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. You know me. Always with the mystery and excitement.

I Did It!


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It’s official– I blogged every day in July! Or at least, I will have blogged every day once I finish this post.

I haven’t decided if I think this was a good exercise or not, honestly. I’d like to think that maybe I’ve started a habit that can at least continue more often than the once-every-two-months blogging I’ve been doing. But I can’t make promises. And I think we can all agree that most of my posts were lame enough that I probably have not become a better writer thanks to the discipline of it all.

I have noticed that time seems to slow down a little when you’re documenting it every day. Even just a little post– or maybe it’s just that July went really slowly. Who knows.

August is upon us, and with it a new challenge– this one involving organizing the basement, I think. Which, BLURGH. Nobody wants to organize the basement. The calendar for August is looking pretty full, too, with Art’s birthday, a trip to the State Fair, a camping trip, a visit from my mom, and probably the beginning of a new school year, if I can ever unbury the schoolroom.

So in celebration of ending the month of July with 31 blog posts under my belt, I am going to bed. Because that’s my idea of a celebration, people. :)

It’s Summer in Iowa– Bust Out the Sweatshirts!


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IMG_3408This morning I checked the weather in our area and discovered that they are calling these unseasonably low temperatures “Julytober.” And people, I just think that this is getting ridiculous. Do we have to have a mashed-up nickname for everything? I blame Twitter. Because #julytober is shorter than #goodgriefitissocold.

Stinkin’ Twitter.

Ahem. Anyway, after checking the forecast and seeing that it called for rain and chilly temps, we decided to go for a hike. Because my husband is from Washington state and they don’t let silly things like rain and ridiculously low temperatures ruin their fun!


So we headed out to Hitchcock Nature Center, with a slight detour through Hobby Lobby, Golden Corral, Home Depot, and Office Max. Hitchcock has tons of hiking trails, and we chose one we had never tried before (which wasn’t difficult, since we’d only tried one of them before). It was marked easy, but it certainly wasn’t a wimpy walk. Lots of hills!

IMG_3449Also mud, lots and lots of mud. I’m pretty sure Squeezy’s shoes are permanently destroyed. Thankfully I was probably going to have to buy her new ones anyway, since her feet have had a major growth spurt in the last couple months. I don’t think they grew much at all all last winter and spring, and then all of a sudden they shot up about a size and a half.


The trail ended very suddenly at a patch of dirt at the edge of a cliff. That was a little nervousing. I made that word up. But the kids were super excited, because just as we reached the overlook, a train was coming along the tracks at the bottom. So we let the kids sit there and watch the train.


Also we took advantage of their relative stillness to take a selfie. Because we’re precious.


See the train way down below us?


Right about at this point, it started to sprinkle, which is par for the course when you’re out and about with the Together Family. We have a special deal with Murphy and his infamous law. But thankfully the rain didn’t stay, and we made it back up and down and up and down and up and up and up and up and down and up a little more to our van. And it was a fun time.

(If you’re wondering why there aren’t more pictures of Darth Piggy, it’s because he was off becoming one with nature. I’m pretty sure that he would have grown a beard and started killing animals with his bare hands if we had left him out there much longer. Kid loves the woods. Not so much the sitting or standing still for pictures!)

Twelve Years


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Twelve Years
A Poem in Two Parts
Erin Kilmer

Twelve years unclean.
Dealing with the filth
of my own
for all those years.
stricken with poverty
because of my desire
to just be
And then–
reaching out in desperate
touching just His garment–
defiling the Healer
with my touch–
and made clean.
Healed from defilement
with one touch.
your faith has made you well.”


Twelve years old
Apple of my eye,
Love of a father’s heart,
growing sicker
until the day I knew.
Pale and thin–
my daughter I had loved
and held on my knee
and rocked to sleep.
And then–
Running to Him in desperate
then hearing those words–
“She is dead.”
But no–
He says she only sleeps,
And then,
she lives.
Talitha, cumi.

Nothing Happened Here Today


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So here’s a picture of me and the Oscar Mayer Wiener Wagon at the Henry Ford Museum last month.

weiner mobile

I ran some Pioneer Woman actions on it to make it look artsy. Because I am totally artsy-fartsy.

(Everyone who is related to me is now thinking well, she’s fartsy all right).

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I personally am looking forward to Monday. :)

Squeezy Got a Camera Today


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I bought her a VTech Kidizoom Camera at a garage sale for 2 bucks. She took more than 700 pictures on it just today. Here are some gems.

There are approximately 400 variations of this picture of her feet and legs. DC1203

Also this creepy clown, taken at another garage sale.DC1356

Some flowers.DC1516

Her brother.DC1559

Her other brother. DC1636

Me. DC1658

Art. DC1700

My dad. DC1800

My mom. DC1831

More pictures of her feet. DC1742

Apparently she could use a bath.

There are also several highly unflattering pictures of all of us adults, because apparently when you are four years old you have a camera’s-eye view of everyone’s bellies and backsides. I will not be posting those.

The last pictures I will share with you are a special series that I like to call Squeezy’s First Selfies. She’s my child, y’all. That’s all I’m saying.DC1804

DC1805 DC1811 DC1835

DC1836 DC1861 DC1936 DC1940 DC1938

This one’s my favorite.


And, just for good measure . . .


Because she learned from the master.

Have a good night, everybody! And a happy weekend!


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