Today I was brave and looked in the mirror on purpose for the first time since Wednesday morning. Yesterday I came upon my reflection accidentally in a public bathroom and was not overwhelmed with joy at what I saw. Mom told me I was pale the other day. She was not wrong.

I feel like the face in the mirror is different than it was a few days ago. Even without the pallor, it has changed. I’ve always loved to flirt with myself in the mirror, smile, see how cute I could get myself to look. The face in the mirror right now isn’t the face I know. The features are the same but there is something– in the eyes, maybe– that is foreign to me.

I wonder if that something is here to stay or if it will pass as the wounds in my heart heal.


One thought on “Mirror

  1. Oh Erin! Great ragedy does leave its mark! I think the look in your eye will fade as your grief tempers but perhaps never fully disapear until we’re glorified in the prescence of God! I must say one of the things I love best about you is the way you can express so much with your face and eyes, especially when you look at my brother! I am sure that joyful, teasing spirit will return soon and light your eyes so that they sparkle! Love you Sis!

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