Happy Easter

Lots of pictures today; I’m really going to try to do better with the blogging of pictures!

Sam has been sick all weekend (see my last entry) so he looks pretty awful in most of the pictures.

Here the boys are coloring their eggs:

And showing off their marvelous creations. The big cheesy grin is an annoying new thing Ryan does every single time he gets his picture taken. It’s practically impossible to take a decent picture of him smiling anymore. Sigh. Hopefully he’ll outgrow it, or his future bride is going to be VERY unhappy with their wedding pictures.

This morning the boys were oh so excited to get their Easter baskets. The memory card was really full so we only got this picture (well, and one of Ryan making a stupid face. See above). Love the bedhead!

After nap we hunted for eggs inside the house. I know some people like to do this outside, but we live in Iowa. Out the window in the first picture you can see exactly why we decided to stay inside today.

After the boys found their eggs, it was time to do that fun yearly tradition: try to get them to sit still so I can take a nice posed picture in their Easter clothes. This is NOT the boys’ favorite part of the Easter festivities. Ryan of course offered me several cheesy grins; I finally got him distracted and got a fairly nice shot. The key is to tell him not to look at the camera.

I love this shot of Sam, even if he does look so sick. Sam is much easier to get a good picture of these days.

And I attempted a few of the boys together, which was mostly a FAIL but this one is cute even if it’s not perfect.

And I think this one is just sweet.

One more shot of their pretty eggs, before they got eaten by hungry guys!

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter everybody! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Do I have the cutest grandkids or what? Thanks for sharing. I had no reason to buy eggs this year. On the bright side, I still have our retirement fund intact.

  2. Ahh – Yes!! Pictures of boys who give “cheesy” faces and smiles!! Ask your hubby about a few of his!! Happy Easter!!

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