Just for Fun

I totally ripped this off someone else’s blog, but it sounded like fun so here I go.

1.Maybe I should…go get a drink since my throat is ridiculously dry.

2. I like the smell of…my kids’ hair after their baths.

3.People say that I’m…weird. Note: They’re not wrong.

4.I don’t understand…a lot. a serious lot.

5.When I wake up in the morning…I ignore the fact and lay in bed for another half hour, listening to my children’s wild attempts to break free from the confines of their bedroom.

6.I lost…mostly my mind. Also my keys.

7.Life is full of…too much snow and not enough naps.

8.My past…is getting longer every moment.

9.I get annoyed when…my dog exists.

10.Parties are…not a huge part of my life.

11.I wish…I could take a big old nap. And then go shopping. And get my hair done. And get a pedicure. And and and.

12.Dogs…are supposed to be smart. My dog is a big Fail in that regard.

13.Cats…give me a serious case of the creeps.

14.Tomorrow…is FRIDAY!!!!

15.I have low tolerance for…tractors driving on the highway when I’m in a hurry. And many other traffic related things.

16.I’m totally terrified…at the thought of something happening to my husband or kids.

17.I wonder…why the state of Illinois has a state insect. Is that normal? This fact was just brought to my attention by the young lady sitting at the next computer over, who is studying the state of Illinois in order to educate young minds about it. This job is such a bucket of fun!

18.Never in my life have I…drunk alcohol.

19.High school was…a part of my life I’m glad I’m finished with.

20.When I’m nervous I…act stupid. Really, it’s not that much different from how I normally act. Also I eat a lot. Again, not very different from when I’m not nervous.

21.One time at a family gathering I…sat on my mom’s lap and broke a chair.

22.Take my advice…don’t have high expectations regarding spring in Iowa until at least May.

23.Making my bed…hahahahahahahaha.

24.I’m almost always…hungry.

25.I’m addicted to…paper. and scrapbook.com. and chocolate. and coffee.

26.I want someone to…come give me a massage.


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