That’s a Big FAIL for Spring in Iowa

In continuing news from the “reasons my life is stupid” category, this is what it looks like outside my house today:


Yeah, apparently Iowa lost the memo that said the Princess is ready for spring. Snow on Easter, then three days of fairly nice weather (in the fifties anyway), then snow. Not just snow, a snowstorm. With rain and sleet first, and weather announcements and school cancellations and accidents all over the roads.

And as long as we’re talking about things failing and reasons my life is stupid, can someone PLEASE explain to me why my dog, who eats her own poop and thinks the kids’ vomit is a tasty snack, refuses to drink water from her dish if there is even one piece of dog food floating in it? She could be dying of thirst and she’d turn up her nose at that and drink her own urine instead, I think. Sorry, that was really gross. But honestly . . .

Then after I, as a devoted dog mama (feel free to start laughing anytime here), dumped the offending water into the toilet and replaced it with fresh water, Rosie drank a whole bunch, walked into the kitchen where I was lovingly creating a delectable breakfast for my children of bananas, cereal, and milk, and yakked all that water and a great deal of phlegm all over the kitchen floor.

Fail, fail, fail.

My day is off to a fabulous start!


3 thoughts on “That’s a Big FAIL for Spring in Iowa

  1. OOO, that does sound irritating. Pretty picture though, just not for the end of March, more like December. {{HUGS}}

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