Just Life.

I’m pretty sure my children are trying for some sort of record when it comes to trips to the doctor for mild childhood illnesses. Today we were back to the doctor with Ryan, who got better from his flu only to start feeling sick again. Turns out he has strep throat, for the second time in a month.

Translation: REALLY expensive antibiotics. It’s bad enough when you have to go with the pricey versions of penicillin but Ryan just so happens to be allergic to penicillin so he has to get even more expensive medicine. Sigh. The generic stuff, after the insurance worked it’s magic (HAHAHAHAHAHA), cost me $120.

Payday is Monday. Payday is Monday.

In other news, tomorrow is an epic day for me. The ladies from our church are going to a tearoom in Valley Junction. Not just any tearoom, but one called Teacups and Tiaras. As a princess I am quite excited to try on lots of different tiaras. You can look forward to some pictures of that at some point tomorrow. I know, you’ll be waiting with baited breath. Anyway, I’m excited to go because 1) it’ll be like three hours of adult conversation, 2) it got me out of work for the day, and 3) there’s a scrapbook store right down the street. Now, as my husband will be sure to point out, we have no money for me to go scrapbook shopping (refer to above $120 prescription), but just being that close to all that yummy paper will be nice. I might even get to smell some of it, or touch it.

Note: you might think I am some kind of weirdo for saying I like to touch and smell paper, but I am NOT the only one. Plenty of people like to smell and touch patterned paper. Especially scrapbookers. The only reason I seem weird for saying that is that I actually admit it. I’m not ashamed of my paper addiction. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, and I don’t spend insane amounts of money on designer purses or shoes, so if I want to sniff my paper I think that’s my prerogative, darn it!

Okay, maybe I am just a little bit weird. Just a little bit, though.

Well, obviously I don’t have too much exciting to talk about. I did promise pictures of my cutie patooties a couple days ago, so I made them pose today. They weren’t very excited about the privilege but oh well, here you go. They’re still cuter than me!!!

Here we have Strep Throat Boy:


And his brother, Ear Infection Boy:


Even when they’re sick, the Antibiotic Brothers are cute, don’t ya think?

Have a great day!

Edited: I just had to come back and add this, just as I hit send Sam says “My need HELP!” He can’t get on the potty to go #2 by himself yet, so I went in there and there he was, pants around his ankles, head halfway into the toilet. “Sam,” I said, “Don’t put your head in the potty.”

“Why Mommy?”

I love my life. Even if it is stupid.


9 thoughts on “Just Life.

  1. The kids are adorable as always. Glad there’s another thumb sucker in the family. 😉

    And I understand the paper addiction…kinda. I went to walmart tonight and ran my fingers along every fabric they had. Twice. I didn’t buy any, but just being surrounded by it made my mood improve a bit.

  2. Perhaps the princess is a princess because she married a PRINCE. Perhaps her father is the poor little old man who lives in a cottage in the woods surrounded by happy singing forest animals.

    Or perhaps the princess is simply the princess because she is cute. I’m pretty sure that’s it.

  3. I’m a paper sniffer and proud of it 😆

    Sorry about the anitbiotic brothers.. hope they are feeling better soon!

    Enjoy your epic day!

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  5. Erin, I can see where your sense of humor and wit comes from…The King!! 😉

    Great entry. Give those little antibiotic brothers a kiss for me.

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