Ladies Day Out

Today, as I announced yesterday, was our church’s spring Ladies Day Out. We went to a tearoom in Valley Junction and then did some shopping. I’m sure this will shock my readers, but I actually did not wear one of the tiaras they had at the tearoom. Instead I wore a hat. I have always liked hats, and I looked especially smashing in the one I ended up with:


The hats that caused everyone jealousy because of their extreme amazing coolness were these ones. Aren’t they brilliant???


We had a very yummy meal of food I would never in a million years make, including things like quiche and bisque. The frenchiest my food ever get is french fries. To be honest, I’d rather have a cheeseburger any day, but the food sure was pretty!


In case you’re curious, this is a salad of mixed greens, mandarin oranges, grapes and strawberries with poppyseed dressing; sweet potato and pear bisque, and broccoli and cheddar quiche. The little cakey thing had cranberries in it; I don’t think she ever said what it was called (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t “little cakey thing” though). It was yummy. And my beverage was pink lemonade, nice and sweet how I like it, and very pretty too.


For dessert I had death by chocolate cake, which she described as “a rich chocolate cake infused with caramel, wrapped in whipped cream, and dusted with cocoa powder.” Translation: If food is going to kill me, this is exactly how I want to go. Other translation: It was way too yummy to take a picture of it. Next time I’m skipping the quiche and going straight to my death.

After our meal we went shopping in Valley Junction. We went in a bead and yarn shop and then in an antique mall where I psycho lady tried to sell us really really ugly jewelry. We politely declined and left as quickly as possible. Then we hung out in a costume shop and found some very amazing costumes. All I can say is YOWZA. The most amazing thing that happened all day is that we went in a scrapbook store and I didn’t buy anything. Nothing was jumping out at me, to be honest. I did get to stroke and sniff some paper though, so it made my day happy. Our last stop was a store called Nan’s Nummies, where they sell amazing amounts of fudge. Being the big spender that I am, I bought the boys Easter lollipops that were 50% off.

While we waited for some other ladies who had apparently gotten trapped in a purse store, we hung out in the Valley Junction Gazebo, which, as far as gazebos go, was a big fail. It only had one bench, on one side. But in spite of the failness of the gazebo, we were cute! Elizabeth, on the left, is the greatest babysitter ever (read: she comes at very short notice almost whenever we need her). And Hannah, in the middle, likes to smell her paper too. We get along great.


Finally it was time to come home. The boys were very happy to get their chick on a stick lollipops.


And before I go, here’s a random gratuitous shot of Sam. Have a happy day!



5 thoughts on “Ladies Day Out

  1. Wow, those are some hats. Looks like a fabulous time šŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere and commenting on my fairies!

  2. First~ “Next time Iā€™m skipping the quiche and going straight to my death”~ so glad I was NOT drinking anything at the time I read this! ***LOL*** and Second~ Sweetheart, you ARE smashing….you DO NOT need the hat. Although, the hat was a bit hot on you šŸ™‚ You guys looked great!

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