Cutie Patootie Artists

My children are so stinking adorable. And they’re funny. And also very artistic. Today I busted out the watercolors so that the boys could create wonderful works of art for the people who have donated to their Arthritis walk funds. So far they are each halfway to their goal of $100!

Anyway, they each had to paint three pictures, and they had a blast doing so. I got some pictures of them doing their last paintings. Jessica had requested a dog, so Ryan painted her a dog, and Sam took his cue from his big brother and painted a dog too. Anyway, this is Ryan painting his dog:


And Sam working diligently on his:


And here they are with a couple of the finished products. Notice that they autographed the bottoms of their artwork. I mean, if it’s going to be worth millions someday, it has to be signed, right?


Ryan’s picture is a dinosaur, I believe. Sam’s is, in his own words “a rocketship crashing.” Enjoy that one, Dad K, it’s on its way to you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Just a side note (warning: do not read if you can’t handle explicit language)

Sam was pitching a fit about having to eat his vegetables andย  Art said “C’mon Sam, just give it up and eat your pea-peas.” Which of course sent both boys into giggles and made Art lose it when he realized what he had said.

I love this family.


7 thoughts on “Cutie Patootie Artists

  1. Love it!! Rach got me the other day and said, “Mom “it” (whatever we were talking about) is under there!” and I replied, “Under where (underwear)?” Which of course is one of those bust into laughing words! Good going, Art!!

    Can’t wait to get my masterpiece!! WooHoo!!

  2. So did they give up on the dogs in order to make dinosaurs and rockets? I’m confused.

    They are cute though. I’m a terrible mother. My kids haven’t painted in over a year.

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