Math Genius

Ryan has been entertaining us again. I figure if it makes us laugh, it will make you laugh too.

Tonight we had toes for dinner. You can blame my sister for that lovely name for a meal. Toes are cocktail weinies wrapped in crescent roll dough. They’re yummy and the kids love them.

So the boys each started with five toes and then they each got two more. That’s the backstory to this fascinating exchange:

Ryan: Mommy, how many toes did we eat?

Me: (having just been interrupted for the fourteenth time from a riveting conversation with Big Sexy about something) um . . .

Ryan: Because we started with five toes, and then you gave us more. And I know that five plus five equals ten.

Big Sexy: That’s right!

Me: But I didn’t give you five toes the second time, I gave you two. Can you add five plus two?

Ryan: I don’t know about that.

Me: Hold up five fingers on one hand. Then hold up two fingers on another hand. Now how many fingers are you holding up?

Ryan: Um . . . seven!

Me: Exactly! Good adding! So, five plus two is seven!

Ryan: And two plus two is four.

Big Sexy: You’re right.

Ryan: And one plus one is ELEVEN!

Me: No, Ryan, what’s one plus one? Hold up your fingers . . .

Ryan: Oh. Right. Two.

Big Sexy: And how much is 438 plus 28,972?

Ryan: (in a completely serious, “duh daddy” voice) Well, I don’t even have that many fingers.


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