Move over, Isaac Asimov

pinchable.jpgI realized this morning that if you read my blog yesterday you might be under the impression that Ryan, is the only entertaining short person under our roof. Actually, both of the short people in our home keep us laughing on a regular basis. Sam just isn’t quite as quotable most of the time. So far he doesn’t have to be, because he has the cuteness factor working in his favor. Once he outgrows being pinchably cute, he’ll have to work on his witty sayings to keep us entertained, or he’ll be in trouble.

Today, however, as the munchkins were engaging in their daily morning routine of drawing pictures on pieces of printer paper (because I am WAY too cheap to buy drawing paper for my prolific artists), Sam decided to be funny in a bloggable, sharable way.

Lucky you.

“Look Mommy! My made this picture just for you!!!” he proclaimed as he proudly presented (was that enough alliteration for you?) his drawing to me.


For those of you unfamiliar with Short People Artwork, I have provided this interpretation:


I asked Sam to explain his picture to me and this is what he said.

Sam: The big rocket ship is BLASTING OFF. The little rocket ship went TOO FAST and it EXPLODED. And there was another rocket ship that was blue and it broke.

Me: My goodness. What happened to the astronauts?

Sam: They just fell right OUT of the rocket ship and then it exploded.

Me: That’s a lot of violence for a short person.

Sam: (in his you’re so silly Mommy voice) noooooooo.

Big Sexy informed me that Sam’s picture explanation is very similar to some science fiction story he read once. Proving once and for all, my son is a GENIUS!!!

If he’s coming up with these plots at three, imagine how brilliant he will be as an adult! I have already begun planning my retirement to the Bahamas, financed by my genius sci-fi writer son’s first novel.

In the meantime, the following conversation is real. It took place this afternoon at lunch between the two Short People, and occasionally me.

Ryan: Mommy, Hayden has a cavity way back here (the visual on this was especially pleasant due to the partially chewed macaroni and cheese that was inhabiting my son’s mouth at the time).

Me: Really? Wow.

Sam: Ryan, Hayden has a really long tongue, right?

Ryan: Yes, he does Sam, you’re right! Very good! (sometimes Ryan channels his preschool teacher, I think. We call him Positive Reinforcement Boy at times like these).

Sam: But it’s not as long as a frog’s tongue.

Ryan: No, it isn’t. Frogs have very long tongues.

My conclusion: motherhood is way weirder than anyone told me.

Finally, if you enjoyed Sam’s artwork, maybe you’d enjoy having the real thing to hang in your very own bedroom. The boys’ artwork is still for sale. They are each halfway to their goal, thanks to your kind contributions! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Move over, Isaac Asimov

  1. can we be best friends so when he grows up and does become famous you can take me on trips with you that he pays for ??? LOL!!! this is great 🙂

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