Okay . . .

So I have nothing to say today. Well, that’s not entirely true, I can usually find something to talk about, but I am just so not inspired this evening.

Still, I wanted to write something, so I have settled on some haiku for your personal poetic enjoyment.

My husband Art
My love is named Art
He teaches my sons to sing
Songs about tooting

My son Ryan
He is five and he
Speaks always about nothing
And sings about gas

My son Sam
He lives in a world
Apart from our own and thinks
Fart songs are funny

My dog Rosie
We call her Faildog
Because she has no success
Except at tooting

Yes I did listen
To flatulent songs all day
Why do you ask?

Well, there you have it. Poetry at its very best.

Have a great day. Tomorrow I will attempt prose.


7 thoughts on “Okay . . .

  1. I shall respond with my own haiku:

    “My Response”:
    This blog maketh me,
    Giddy as a little girl
    Who is of school age.

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