Watch out World

Yesterday my munchkins took another step in their great journey to independence. Maybe you don’t consider starting to ride a bike or a trike a step toward independence, but I do. Considering that gas is getting so expensive, by the time my kids are in high school they might be riding their bikes everywhere. I’m okay with that as long as they’re not trying to text their friends while they’re riding.

Anyway, my dad came out for a visit early this week and brought with him a bike for Ryan and a trike for Sam. Not new, but perfectly good for learning the intricacies of pedaling and staying upright.

Also perfectly good for learning the number one rule of riding a bike: Keep the stinking helmet on your head.

I didn’t wear a helmet when I rode a bike as a kid, and I am (arguably perhaps) perfectly okay. I get that. But there are several reasons why I require my kids to wear helmets.

  1. They are just darn cute. Seriously.
  2. I figure, if I force them to wear helmets, someday when they decide to rebel against my amazing parenting maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll rebel against the helmets instead of, say, the “no drugs” rule. It’s a long shot, but hey, for $15 it’s probably worth a try.
  3. If I don’t put helmets on them, when I post their pictures on here people will think I’m a bad mother. We wouldn’t want that.
  4. Oh, and yeah, that thing about head injuries and all that too. Because I really don’t want my children getting concussions.

So Tuesday night we went to the Worst Place In The Known Universe, AKA Walmart. I hate Walmart, not because they’re a big evil corporation but because that place sucks me in, and no matter how hard I try to get out again it always takes at least an hour and I’m always really stressed out by the time I leave. Nevertheless, for the sake of my darling babies, I braved Walmart in search of helmets to protect their noggins and make me look like a Good Mother.

I was afraid this expedition into retail purgatory was going to be fruitless; that the helmets were going to all be gone or that perhaps they would all cost $30. I’ve never bought bike helmets before so I had no idea what to expect. If they had cost $30 each, my children would be riding their bikes with bubble wrap duct taped to their heads. But luckily the Big Evil had them for $7.15 apiece. That’s my kind of helmet. Sam got red, and Ryan got blue, which I think made Ryan a little grumpy because red is is very favorite color. But they had two styles in each size; a boy style (in Ryan’s case blue with lightning bolts) and a pretty pretty style. So Ryan got blue, and it worked out great because I dressed him in blue yesterday so he matched when I took his picture.

Hey, a scrapbooker has to have her priorities.

Anyway, yesterday morning we got the children all dressed and helmeted and took them outside to brave the brand new world of self-propelled vehicles. It was really windy, and I was slightly afraid that they were going to be blown right off their bikes, but for the rest of eternity it’s supposed to rain in Iowa so I thought they’d better get out there while they had the chance.

Aren’t they cuties? It’s amazing– Ryan isn’t even grimacing painfully!


Ryan’s bike needs some adjustments, especially the handlebars, but Big Sexy couldn’t find the necessary tools and Ryan was not all about waiting, so he rode in a kind of funny position all day. But he had fun and was proud to announce that he had mastered coasting. Now if he could just master actually making the bike move, we’d be good to go.


Still, he was shockingly proud of himself, and I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it eventually. These things take time. Look at that smile!


Sam’s Radio Flyer trike weighs almost as much as he does, which caused some entertaining moments. But he had a lot of fun riding it down the sidewalk and then pushing it back up (because he couldn’t get it up the sidewalk; I never even realized there was a hill there).


And yes, as a matter of fact, he is the cutest three year old helmet head in existence.

And yes, as my husband so astutely pointed out, he does look like a Super Mario Mushroom.


Look out world, here they come.


11 thoughts on “Watch out World

  1. would it possible to duct tape bubble wrap on their head and take a picture anyway just to humor me? 😉

    *LOL* i believe the pictures i took of zoe last year do not include a helmet. yep, now that i think about it, they don’t have helmets to fit anymore. i guess i should take a trip to walmart. sigh…

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