I’m sick

So today the funnies are not flowing. However, in order to satiate the blog-lust of my one reader, I am posting some more haiku. Just because I care.

Today I am sick
And sitting here is making
Me feel all woozy.

My children aren’t sick
Which is good except for how
They’re loony monsters

My house is a wreck
Because they played all morning
While I laid in bed.

I shouldn’t complain
At least my darling sons aren’t
Throwing up as well.

Good night.


5 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. You’re sick, as in not feeling good, or a strange person?? 🙂 Love you haiku… HUG and get feeling better soon!

  2. Adorable. I’m amazed at your poetry skills even while being in the middle of a barf fest. 😀 Rock on Princess!

    And glad you are feeling better!

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