Arthritis Walk– The Dress Rehearsal

Note to anyone who read this blog within the hour after I originally published it– I apologize for the formatting disaster. WordPress and I were having issues. I am proud to announce that I have won. If you read it again now, it will actually make sense. Have a lovely day.

This morning was the Omaha Arthritis Walk, and since we’re here, and since all of the adults currently at my parents house actually have some form of arthritis, we made an outing of it. Dad had sent Mom on a brilliant fundraising campaign at her work, where she had raised a mind-boggling $25. Good enough. Off we went.

My first observation about the Omaha Arthritis Walk, or any walk created to raise money for people with joint issues, is that there is just no way to have enough disabled parking spots for such an event. Dad and I were joking last night that every space in the parking lot would have to have one of those neato handicapped signs. Maybe they assume that the people likely to come to the arthritis walk will actually be able to, I don’t know, walk. We survived anyway.

My second observation is that if you’re going to have a bunch of volunteers carefully selected from the finest students of the Omaha Public School district who need community service for one reason or another, it might be a good idea to explain to them a little bit about what arthritis actually is.

The kid who was manning the bounce house with a spirit of the joy of service asked us where we got our cool blue hats. I explained to him that in order to be cool like us (you know, like me, my mom, and my dad– trend setters if there ever were trend setters) he had to have arthritis.

“Oh, I have arthritis,” Mr. Smarty-Britches-Sixteen-Year-Old Kid informed me.

“Well then you just ask for one at that tent over there,” I told him in the spirit of believing the best about others.

“Arthritis is, what, just aches and stuff, right?” Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

“Sure,” I said. “Aches and stuff that destroy your joints and get worse all through your life until you end up crippled. It’s so much fun. Everybody should have arthritis.”

“You sound bitter” he said. Uh, ya think?

Actually I’m not bitter. But he was an idiot. Teachers, it’s great to encourage community service and volunteerism and all that fun stuff. But it’s also maybe a good idea to explain to your community servants just a little about what they’re volunteering for. I’m just saying.

Anyway, the walk itself was fun even if it was stinking cold outside. We walked a mile (Arthritis Foundation– remember?) and then the kids got their faces painted and bounced in the bounce house and they even got balloon swords from a rather odd clown. It was a good time. And I took pictures. Which you now get to see.

Try to contain your excitement.

This is Dad and the boys chatting it up before the walk started.

And here’s Mom and the kids checking out the water.

Here are some pictures of the fun and slightly weirder than usual clown. He really was pretty weird. But he was nice. In a weird way. Did I mention he was weird?

He shared a big red nose with the boys. Big weirdo.

This is one of the better pictures of Ryan I’ve taken recently. Maybe because you can’t see his stupid cheesy smile face due to the large clown nose obscuring it. Whatever. Good picture– mom’s happy.

Gratuitous Sammy shot.

Face painting fun. I thought it was cool that they used foam stamps for the paintings. First they used the stamp and then the decorated it up with the paintbrushes. Is that a great idea or what? Sam got a red train on each cheek.

And Ryan surprised us by getting a train on one cheek and a car on the other.

And I surprised no one except possibly the girl who painted me by getting a blingy purple tiara. Today, I am the Princess of Arthritis Walks.

And since it was in fact, a walk, and not just a chance to spoil the kids, here is a picture of Dad and the boys actually, you know, walking.

This was, of course, only the dress rehearsal for us. Coming soon to a blog near you– the Des Moines Arthritis Walk in all it’s achy-jointed glory.

Have a great day.


7 thoughts on “Arthritis Walk– The Dress Rehearsal

  1. Great blog, I love those pictures!! The boys look so cute!!! P.S. I am sitting here in shorts and a tshirt basking in my 60 degree Illinois weather today.

  2. Cool hats! Can I get one? I can’t believe that kid, was he a complete and insensitive moron? Because there might just be a job available for him where I work with other like-minded individuals. Tee hee. You’re hot with the face paint by the way.

  3. wow, you look like your mom, at least what i can see anyway. 🙂 great pics, love the tiara, it fits you to a T.

  4. Cute pictures, but those of that clown freak me out. He is a little bit scary. Your boys are brave for taking pictures with him. I would have ran away like a big baby cause he is freeeeaky!

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