Juicy Little Chunks of Life

So I really don’t actually have a topic for today’s blog so much as a bunch of little things. I thought about calling it “tidbits” or something but decided my title was mildly more entertaining. Basically, today’s post has NO POINT. So I’ll just get right to it.

Tonight was awards night for our church’s AWANA program. This is a bittersweet time because Ryan finished Cubbies (AWANA’s preschool program) tonight. Next year, in Kindergarten, he will join the big kids in Sparks. He loves AWANA and learning verses and hanging with his little friends and is already counting down the hours until Sparks starts in September. Well, he would be counting down the hours if he knew how to count down from higher than ten. Or if he understood the concept of hours, which he really doesn’t. I think in Ryan’s mind an hour is any period of time longer than “just a minute” but shorter than “not till tomorrow.”

I try to answer his questions in order to deepen his understanding of time measurement, but whenever I do we end up having conversations that make me want to cry. Just tonight in fact, he asked me how long a year is. I told him twelve months, the amount of time it takes to use up a new calendar. Then I told him it was 365 days, and that it is exactly one year from his birthday to his next birthday. Sigh. Apparently I threw too much information at him because I’m pretty sure he thinks his birthday (which is in December) is 365 days from today and that a year is a new calendar. Oh well. This is why we are sending him to kindergarten, right? To fix all the stupid things we’ve told him?

I can’t wait till his poor teacher finds out that he thinks the answer to “how fast is too fast” is fifty-six.

Anyway, I was unable to get any fabulous pictures of this thing tonight because Ryan kept putting his loot in front of his face and Sam kept his finger firmly lodged in his nasal cavity for most of the proceedings. Sam is technically not a Cubbie, because they have to be three at the beginning of the year to qualify for Cubbie-hood, but our church is wonderful and let him go to Cubbies after his birthday in October. Next year he will begin his first book and get a vest and all that jazz. This year he just got to play, and then hang out on stage picking his nose during the awards ceremony.

Anyway, this is Ryan with his blue ribbon, which he won for finishing his second Cubbies book, and the t-shirt that all the little Cubbies put their handprints on. Coming soon– pictures of both the urchins in their shirts. Tonight we decided we had had enough excitement and wrestled the children into their beds before they could give us a fashion show. I mean, really, you can only have so many thrills in one evening.

This is Sam holding his shirt and just generally looking cute. It was a nice thing that they gave him one, especially since it kept his finger out of his nose. I’m still adjusting to his “little man in glasses” look.

In other family news, Art got his new glasses today. In case you haven’t noticed, we have been glasses-buying fools lately. Ryan is the only one who hasn’t had new glasses in the last six weeks. He got his back in September.

Anyway, poor Art was apparently not prepared for this change in his life. The little clues that have been sneaking up on him– my gray hair and crow’s feet, the fact that our son is going off to school this year– these should have warned him that his time was coming. Art has a young face, but in one way he has finally shown that he is, indeed, older than I am.

Art is now wearing bifocals. Poor guy. But his adjustment to them is proving highly entertaining to me.

And, because on this blog I am an Equal Opportunity New Glasses Showcaser, here is a picture of Art’s new specs. Aren’t they nice looking? I think he’s a hottie. 🙂

I’m sure he’ll look even cuter after he shaves. Slob. 🙂

Finally, my sister sent me a link to this today and it is so perfect for Ryan that I have to post it here. $20 is a lot for a t-shirt for your five-year-old who likes to roll in dirt (I swear he must, it’s the only explanation), so I don’t anticipate he will be wearing it anytime soon. Still, it’s awesome. (You can click on the picture to see the page where they’re selling them).

That’s right, folks, it’s Thomas as a Transformer. It is like Ryan’s little dream come true. I wish they had it in a poster or something because I would totally buy it. If it were less than $20. I’m cheap.

And last, but not least, because I haven’t yet posted a picture of my recent dye job from Salon Mom, here’s a random picture of me and Sam. The color is a little off but you get the idea. I am loving not having those horrible roots!

So, after all that, I close with a farewell haiku.

Thank you for reading
Today’s fascinating post–
Have an awesome day.

I think the poetry really brings some real class to my blog.


11 thoughts on “Juicy Little Chunks of Life

  1. When did Sam get glasses? Did I miss the blog where you announced that? I actually think Sam’s transformation to glasses is a lot less dramatic than Ryan’s, probably because Ryan’s blond hair is such a contrast to his dark rimmed glasses. Erin, I LOVE your blogs and am proud to be able to brag that I’m related to you (even if it is by marriage, since I am actually related to your hubby).

  2. yep, that was the first thing that came to mind with me too when i read “chunks” LOL!!!

    ryan looks so important in his vest! tell art not to feel bad, i’m 33 and KNOW i need bifocals but haven’t gotten them yet, sam’s new glasses really rock and so does your hair color!!

    here’s a suggestion that might help ryan with the concept of time. not sure if it will help but it’s worth a shot. describe days through “sleeps”. for some reason zoe doesn’t get that daddy comes home in say, four days. however, she understands that daddy comes home in four sleeps. not sure why, but it works. a friend suggested that once (she was even from sb.com lol). i guess days seem so much longer but she knows when she goes to bed at night and wakes up, that’s one more sleep down and so many more to go.

    either that or i gave her a calendar so she could see visually how many days and that helped when we had like 115 days to go LOL.

    sorry my post was so long 😉

  3. If I could figure out how to type and look at the screen at the same time while wearing these glasses, I would post you a funny comment here. Wait a minute….

  4. I like Haiku’s…and I think Thomas the Transformer is WAY cool. Hope your project didn’t fry when the electricity went out! 🙂

  5. I found your blog on sb.com. Love it!! I am so glad to see someone else there who does AWANA. Your ds will love Sparks, my ds just finished his first year as a Spark. Thanks for linking your blog so I could find it!!

  6. Lori’s “sleeps” suggestion is a good one! We have used that one.

    Here, now you’ll know what a Bad Mom I am: My daughter learned half hours and hours from “one Simpsons” or “two Simpsons.” Augh…

  7. I know what it is! I know what it is!

    It stands for “approved workmen are not ashamed” (2 Tim. 2:15) and it’s a nondenominational Christian mission to encourage discipleship in children everywhere. Their website is http://awana.org.

    Our local Evangelical Free Church has an AWANA program going strong. My little one loves it.

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