Coolest Mom Ever

Cool moms let their kids wear mohawks, right? Cool moms even cut the mohawks themselves, I’m pretty sure. Making me a cool mom. But only till Saturday afternoon, at which point the mohawks are being shaved off. Because I am not cool enough to let my children wear their hair like that to Small Town Iowa Baptist Church.

Ryan has been begging for this for awhile now. I figured since I was going to shave their hair off for the summer anyway it would be okay to let them look like little maniacs for a few days. πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I think mohawk pictures are the funniest when the boys are shirtless. But I think they look pretty hilarious.

This is the boys giving hugs.

After the hug they started giving kisses and grossing each other out. It was hilarious. They have apparently reached the age where kisses are yucky. Although they haven’t started wiping mine off yet (and they’d better not or I’ll make a mad face.

Speaking of mad faces, the boys were very eager to make mad faces for the camera. Isn’t this attractive? I hope that before he gets married Ryan discovers a new way to express his anger.

I have decided that it’s fairly likely my kids don’t have the right attitude to pull off a mohawk. But at least they’re cute, right? And no, this isn’t Sam’s constipated face. I swear.

And there you have it. Yet more proof that I am the coolest mom ever. Or at least, the coolest mom until Saturday afternoon.


18 thoughts on “Coolest Mom Ever

  1. Hmmmmm….I personally do not approve of such outlandish hairstyles, but I suppose they do look cute. Of course, I’ve had the same hairstyle for almost 30 years now, so maybe I’m just jealous. Can you give me a mohawk, too?

  2. You do know that the boys’ great-grandmother’s great-grandmother was 1/2 Mohawk, don’t you? I have visited her grave (along with those of other relatives’)in the Elroy area cemetary many times & I’ll be there again next month when we go to Dad’s 68th high school reunion.

  3. you are a rockin’ mom! i’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with sage but i’m not sure he would let me. does that make me a “fail” mom if i make my 9 yr old have a mohawk because i can’t?? LOL

    he just wants it shaved and dyed blonde for the summer. well….okay…..boooorrrrring

    why not wear to church on sunday? i would so do that with my kids. it’s not like they can say anything or think bad thoughts, cause, well….they’ll be held accountable and all that good stuff and….well, ya know what happens when we are held accountable for wrongdoings…..


  4. ooo, and one more thing, do art’s hair like that too and then get them all fake tattoos to put on their biceps and let them flex their muscles for pictures. it’ll go great with your rockstar image πŸ™‚

    i actually think all four of you should look like that for church on sunday. teehee J/K

  5. OMG – What have you done???? I jealous that they have hair to put into a Mohawk!! Enjoy until Saturday boys!!!

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