How to Have Fun on a Walk

It’s a beautiful day outside today! Let’s go out to the walking trail by the lake! Are you coming?

The first part of our walk is through the woods. Before we start, do you have a walking buddy? Walking buddies make taking a walk much more fun. Here’s mine!

It is nice and cool and shady here in the woods! And there are lots of hills for us to climb and then run down very fast. Come on! I’ll race you to the top of the next hill!

The next part of our walk is through a prairie. It is warmer here because the sun is shining down on us. It’s not as fun to run when we’re hot. And all that warm air and sunshine is sure to do one thing– make us thirsty!

We’re really dragging now. What we really need is some water. LOOK! Up there! We can get a drink!

The drinking fountain part is up way too high so we’ll have to improvise.

Drinking out of here is more fun than walking, don’t you think?

My walking buddy is a little crazy.

Now we just have one teensy little problem. We are both very soaked.

Oh well, no worries!

Being a boy definitely has its advantages.

And that, my friends, is how to have fun on a walk. I hope you’ll come with us next time!


12 thoughts on “How to Have Fun on a Walk

  1. What beautiful children! So angelic and perfect! Amazing!!! I don’t know what you’re doing, but it must be something right! Those kids are marvelous, way better than mine. I wish mine were as cute and innocent as yours. Hey, wait a minute…

  2. i’m loving this erin! the drinking water pics are just the bestest pics ever ๐Ÿ™‚ you really have a way of capturing their moments and writing about them!

  3. I want to come on a walk with you guys and fail dog! Looks like sooo much fun! I love the picture of all of you walking, from behind. Beautiful!

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