Just the First Step

This evening Ryan took his first step in following in the footsteps of his educationally crazed father. A new diploma has been added to our home, and we are so very proud. Tonight Ryan graduated from preschool.

Here he is walking in with his class. Isn’t he cute? My husband may or may not have teared up at this point. I however, waited until the very end to get weepy. But honestly I haven’t really stopped being weepy since then.

The kids put on a program of songs they had chosen as a class. Lots of motions and noisy parts, as I’m sure you can imagine.

The kids graduated were actually from two separate preschool classes, the morning and afternoon classes. All of these munchkins will be heading off to kindergarten next fall. This is the only picture we got of the whole group of them. A pretty crazy bunch!

Okay, this picture turned out grainy but it is my new favorite of Ryan. Look at that real genuine smile! Those are pretty hard to get out of him these days! He loved preschool and is so excited to go to kindergarten next fall. This is the smile of a kid who is in his element.

I just think this is a cute picture. The two little girls next to him (and a couple more further down the line) were extremely giggly through the whole thing. It was cute. 🙂 You can see the t-shirts the kids made for their special day. Definitely more comfy than a graduation robe!

This is Ryan doing the infamous Tootie Ta song. If you have never heard of the Tootie Ta song before, go to youtube and search for it. It is hilarious. They end up all bent over with their tongues sticking out and their eyes closed, going around in circles saying “a tootie ta.” Seriously. This is good times. They should try doing this at commencement next time Art graduates. It would be way more entertaining than the usual presidential address.

This is Ryan getting his diploma from his teacher Michelle. She did such a great job with him this year. He absolutely adored preschool and I could see a lot of improvement in a lot of skills as she worked with him. Plus she never lost an opportunity to tell me my kid was smart and funny. So of course I think she’s a great teacher! 🙂

Michelle had each of the kids tell her what they want to be when they grow up. His class has great dreams, including fire fighters, police officers, ballerinas, artists, and one girl who said she wanted to be the Tooth Fairy.

Ryan wanted to be a Train Driver. What a big surprise. 🙂

I think this has to be the classic picture of a boy and his diploma. Do you think there has ever been a boy in the history of the world who didn’t blow on his diploma like a trumpet?

This has to be the cutest picture in the whole world. This little girl is Ryan’s future wife, although neither of them know it yet. Seriously. Look at that hair. Isn’t she cute?

And this is my big graduate with me. Yes, I do look awful. It was right about this time that I started weeping like an infant.

This is Ryan and Pierce, one of the boys we heard about very often at home. They are both tall, blond, and weird. Definitely two of a kind and they had a lot of fun in preschool this year!

Finally, here’s Ryan with Michelle. This was not goodbye for them because Michelle and I will be working in the school age class at the daycare this summer and Ryan will be joining us! (SOB!)

I have to admit that I’m not sure Mommy is ready for the next big step of sending this boy off to school. But I know that he is ready, and since I’m pretty sure I might never be ready I guess that will have to be good enough.

Congratulations, Mr. Bubba. You’re on your way now!

We love you and are so proud of you!


14 thoughts on “Just the First Step

  1. you don’t look awful, you look like a mommy who is proud of her son. good choice in the future wife, she’s a doll. they look cute together and ryan is a heart melter anyway.

    does it make me a bad mom because i don’t cry at these things?? 🙂 (watch, next time, i’ll be weeping like a fool)

  2. I did NOT cry. There were absolutely no tears running down my face. Mostly because I managed to collect them all before they did run down my face. I guess I could say I was crying because of the discomfort of sitting in one of those little itty-bitty preschool chairs that they had set up for us. Oh, who am I kidding. I was about ready to ball like a baby. Only my sense of pride and dignity prevented me from weeping loudly. There. I feel better having confessed that.


  3. Aww…..I love the Tooty Ta!!! Ashton’s class did it at their graduation!!! His line was, “Did you see me put my bottom up?!?!” Then giggle!!! I love the t-shirts!!!

  4. Congratulations to Ryan!! I’m so happy that he wants to be a train driver (or as “old” people say Engineer!!). He has the same dream I had as a young lad, although I wanted to be a steam engine engineer!! I’m so happy he likes school, like is Dad and Mom. We are so proud of him!!

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