The Church’s Softball League

a poetic endeavor by the Princess of Something

It’s Friday night; the air is cool–
A perfect night, you see,
For gathering balls and bats and gloves
For the church’s softball league.

The children come with hopes of treats;
The adults with hopes of fame.
We’ll have the greatest team around,
And it’s all in Jesus’ name.

They’ve practiced long, and practiced hard,
Through blood and sweat and tears;
And now it all comes together
Amidst their fans’ loud cheers.

For we, the fans, the wives and kids,
Sitting here upon the bleachers
Cheer once or twice before we fall
To talking about the preachers.

Yes, that’s the fun of Friday nights–
As the players swing the bat,
The children play and the faithful fans
Get to sit and chat.

Each Friday night, all summer long
Here’s where you’ll find my family–
Playing, running, enjoying the fun
Of the church’s softball league.

Last Friday night, when our great team
Had finished the final inning,
My dear son Ryan told his dad,
“Next week you should practice winning.”


7 thoughts on “The Church’s Softball League

  1. LOL!!!!!! that kid kills me everytime he speaks!!! just don’t let him find out what a dork is hehehehehehehe….

    that’s great, you are quite talented oh princess of poetry

  2. It was wonderful!! Like my little grandson said “practice at winning”! Really, it was just great and I enjoyed every word of it.

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