The Men in my Life

I meant to write a long and beautiful post about how blessed it is by the men God has placed in my life, but it just never happened today. But I didn’t want to go to bed without at least posting how much I appreciate these wonderful guys.

To Art, my husband, I love you and am proud of what an awesome dad and husband you are. I do not deserve you. You are the best.

To Ken, my father-in-law, I couldn’t have asked for someone to accept me more wholeheartedly into his family. Thank you for loving me like one of your own.

And to Daddy, I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate you. Life has been hard and I hope you realize that I pray every day for God’s blessing in your life.

Happy Father’s Day.


2 thoughts on “The Men in my Life

  1. I am honored that you mentioned me in the blog! Thank you so much and you do mean a lot to our family and we do think of you as a daughter, not a daughter in-law. I do enjoy the time we spend with you and get to learn more of who you are every time. You are a warm, wonderful and loving person. You have become an important part of our family. If you don’t believe me, just ask “Big Sexy”!!

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