I’ll Be Sleeping a Bit Better Tonight!

Take a good look at this picture. What do you notice? The grotesque shelf paper in my cupboards? The giant stack of instant pudding boxes? The deep mystery of what exactly is a “Clabber Girl”? If you are like me, it is none of those things that you notice (being that I have contemplated those many times before). Rather, what jumps out to me is those reassuring words: “Trans Fats 0g.”

I don’t know about you, but the knowledge that my baking powder contains no trans fats is exceptionally comforting. I can’t even recall all the hours I have spent lost in deep concern over just that question. “What if my baking powder is full of trans fats?” I have wondered, as I carefully cut the shortening into my homemade biscuits. “Then these biscuits would no longer be the healthy addition to my family’s meal that I thought they were.”

Imagine the relief I felt, then, when I noticed that little phrase on my can of Clabber Girl. And then I got noticing all the foods in my cupboard.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese contains real cheese flavor.

Mini marshmallows and the teddy-bear-shaped fruit snacks are fat free.

Italian flavored breadcrumbs also contain no trans fats.

Shortening is sugar free!

The hamburger buns are enriched.

And the fudge-dipped peanut butter chocolate chunk granola bars are a whole grain food.

Who knew I was such a health nut? With all that healthy wholesome goodness in my cupboard, it’s almost a miracle I’m not fitting into those cute size 2 shorts I saw today.

Only the best for my family. Only the best.


11 thoughts on “I’ll Be Sleeping a Bit Better Tonight!

  1. Thank you for this post–and here I thought that the triple layer chocolate brownie cake with 4 cups of sugar, 5 sticks of real butter and various other ingredients was actually full of trans fat from the tablespoon of baking powder–thank God it is trans fat free–now I can go home and eat a pound size piece of that cake and know that I am not harming myself. 😉

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