I am Not the Princess of Cute Fluffy Bunnies

I know I haven’t posted in like seventeen years, so here’s a quickie post to hold you over till I have time to come up to breathe.

I have a confession to make. You know those cutie little pictures of soft fuzzy baby animals all cozy and cute? The bunny and kitty snuggled up on a pillow? The puppy touching noses with the baby gerbil? The adorable little newborn snow leopard yawning?

I strongly dislike those pictures. I just think they’re dumb. I mean, why would you put baby bunnies in teacups and then take their picture? Why would you force your chihuahua to stand on four cheeseburgers? Why am I supposed to care about these things?

I’m sure this little secret of mine makes me a raging psychopath of some kind, but I hope you all will forgive me if I promise never to do anything violent to those sweet darling fluffy animals.

There are whole websites devoted to cute animals, websites with taglines like “your daily dose of pukey throw-up cuteness.” I don’t get it.

Please forgive me for my cold heart.


6 thoughts on “I am Not the Princess of Cute Fluffy Bunnies

  1. LOL!!!!!! i don’t mind them, can’t say i love them either except for the ones where people make fools of their pets in halloween costumes. or what about anne geddes? (SP) are you against cut little babies with sunflower heads? LOL

    i have to say i think some of her work is cute and i gaze over the pictures quickly but cannot see myself spending money on a book or a calendar to look at babies all the time. Lord knows i’ve had my share and i’ve had enough. no more.

  2. We can be raging psychopaths together, cause I find them stupid too…. so I really have to be a good actor when Rach shows me a picture of puppy “that’s sooooo cute, Mom!!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OOOOOOOH! That is the most cutie-wootie, fuzzy-wuzzy, baby bunny I have ever seen! Oops! I think I just let out my love of gaggingly sweet pictures of small animals! I only like the real ones though, people should not dress their pets in costumes, or place them in odd sleeping positions! But I must admit, I love fuzzy small cute things, especially if they happen to be baby penguins! I’m such a sap!

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