The Big Day Has Arrived!

Actually, the big day arrived last night, at about 9:30. I have a long post about last night ready to go and will post it tomorrow if you want the gory details. At my direction, Ryan decided to wait until tonight to put the tooth under his pillow because we didn’t want the Tooth Fairy to get lost in the thunderstorm. (Especially since the Tooth Fairy’s mother had driven off with the Tooth Fairy’s purse and all the Tooth Fairy’s money).

He’s got two more loose ones in there so he may not be able to eat anything but ice cream pretty soon. He does not seem to be too depressed about that fact! 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Big Day Has Arrived!

  1. oh boy, little pulled teeth totally gross me out. just wait until you ‘forget’ to be the toothfairy because you fall asleep before they are sound asleep and they wake up yelling in the morning.

    then you will hurriedly right a note and make up a story that the toothfairy had lots of kids lose teeth and she had to wait one more day. or better yet, you go in and search yourself and miraculously find said money under the bed because they moved around too much and they knocked the money out from under the pillow.

    then they’ll ask why still have the tooth though. and you say that the toothfairy is sometimes in a hurry and forgets but she made sure to do the most important thing and leave the money.


    that’s stressful. downright stressful.

    as a matter of fact, now that i think about it, the whole process grosses me out so much i don’t think i’ve ever taken a pic of them losing their first tooth ~GASP~

    oh the horror to just realize how bad of a mother i really am….


  2. I know this is gross but I heard that you might want to save all those baby teeth and label them in case you need some DNA information later in life. Sorry!

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