The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Part 1

Welcome to a new weekly feature on this blog, The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs. Each week we will tell you about a book that we have read recently and enjoyed, and since books are meant to be experienced as well as read, we will share some of the fun activities we did that were inspired by the book!

This week we would like to tell you about the Tacky the Penguin book series.

If you have never been introduced to Tacky, I would encourage you to find him at your local library. There are several books in this series by Helen Lester, and so far we love all the one we have found. They feature a group of six penguins– Goodly, Angel, Lovely, Neatly, Perfect, and Tacky. Tacky marches to the beat of his own drummer, but even though he’s a little weird he always saves the day with his antics. Tacky is instantly recognizable by his Hawaiian shirt, his love of singing songs like “How Many Toes Does a Fish Have?” and his loud blare of “WHAT’S HAPPENING?” (Expert Book Experiencer Stinky loves to say “WHAT’S HAPPENING?” in his loudest Tacky voice. Very cute. Expert Book Experiencer Bubs loves to wander around the house singing “How many toes does a fish have? And how many wings on a cow? I wonder, yup, I wonder . . .” Also very cute).

Now, before we get on to the actual book experience with Stinky and Bubs, I would like to tell you how these books today managed something that, so far, has not been possible. I recently blogged about my troubles with getting my children to clean the house. Even chocolate did not do the trick. Tacky, however, did. I told the boys this morning that if they cleaned for twenty minutes without playing or fighting or complaining, we would read Tacky. And guess what. It worked. God bless Tacky the Penguin.

Now, back to the Book Experience. After reading three of the Tacky books (which we have currently checked out from the library but will be coming to us via the wonders of eBay very soon), the boys were very anxious to do a “project.” They love to do projects, especially ones involving scissors and glue and large messes. So I decided that they should do some penguin projects in honor of our good friend Tacky.

First, we made penguin treats. These were not specifically designed to be Tacky, but I think the finished product turned out really tacky anyway. (Note: Expert Book Experiencer Bubs is not smiling because he has a really bad sore in his mouth, poor kid. You can kind of see in this picture that his cheek is puffy).

These are made by splitting up an oreo cookie with most of the frosting on one side, breaking the frosting-less side in half (more or less) and sticking them on the frosting like wings, and then adding a Hershey’s kiss to be the head. I took some wonderful process pictures which all turned out blurry. But you can see they’re pretty simple to make.

As you can see, Expert Book Experiencer Stinky does NOT have a sore in his mouth. Also he got a little overambitious in his attempts to break the cookies, so some of his penguins are amputees. The boys rushed through their suppers in anticipation of sinking their teeth into these little fellows.

We also thought it would be fun to do a Tacky art project. I had trouble finding anything that wasn’t just generic penguin online, but this picture kept popping up in all my searches so I finally decided we could do something like that. I drew the collar of Tacky’s shirt and then the boys added flowers. Then they drew the eyes and beak and we added black feathers to finish him up.

He is definitely Tacky.

I got Expert Book Experiencer Bubs to smile by telling him a knock-knock joke. He didn’t think it was funny so he had to tell me one that was funny (to him), and in the process he actually smiled. Sorry, Laura, I know you want a toothless picture– he hasn’t really been cooperating!

As you can see, Expert Book Experiencer Stinky has some of the remnants of his penguin snack on his face.

Finally, Stinky and Bubs wholeheartedly recommend the entire Tacky the Penguin series. The Expert Book Experiencers give Tacky four thumbs up!

Tacky, much like my Expert Book Experiencers, is an odd bird, but a nice bird to have around.


11 thoughts on “The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Part 1

  1. We LOOOOOVE Tacky at our house! He’s so much fun to read aloud. Loudly aloud.

    One of our high school friends chose a Tacky story to take to All State Speech in the story-telling category. It was an excellent choice.

  2. I always read Tacky to my classes and they love it!!! Okay, if they like Tacky, you have to get Mo Williams’ Pigeon books!!!!

  3. Cute, cute, cute!

    If your looking for fun books… check out walter the farting dog.

    I have a feeling your boys will appreciate it as much as mine do. 🙂 Although, I’m not so sure I’d want to see any art projects that go with it. LOL

  4. This is great! I like the new weekly feature and your boys are so cute.
    I’ll have to check out the Tacky books. I’m quite taken with the idea of the farting dog too…….. 🙂

  5. Oh, while cleaning my classroom today, I thought of another fave in our house and my class….Skippy Jon Jones!!!!

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