Fun with Stones

This week’s Unplugged Project theme is stone. I have to admit I struggled with this theme, because other than painting some stones (and then what am I supposed to do with them?) or making stepping stones (too much work and money involved), I pretty much was at a loss. I finally found this project, and decided that we would make stone necklaces.

First, however, we had to locate stones. So, armed with our trusty Stone Collection Equipment (AKA one ziploc bag per child), the camera, and a dog who had been stuck in the house way too long, we set off to search for stones in Small Town, Iowa.

We were fairly limited in our choice of places to find stones, due to the fact that it was about seven hundred degrees outside and we didn’t have a vehicle, so we had to walk. Thankfully several of our neighbors have gravel in their driveways, and when you are five and three, gravel is a perfectly good place to find a rock to make into jewelry.

While the boys searched for perfect little stones, I admired the neighbor’s flowers. Seriously. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I let the boys choose several stones each so that they had a variety to choose from to create their necklaces. I was originally thinking that they could make a few each, to give as a gift to friends. That didn’t exactly pan out, but they each came home with a bag of about 10 rocks.

Rosie the Faildog did not collect stones, but she came along anyway and generally made a nuisance of herself.

Here are the supplies you need for this project, according to the directions: Rocks, hemp (I used twine), and hot glue. I discovered, however, that the hot glue does not stick to the rocks very well, at least it didn’t to the rocks the boys chose. I ended up using tacky glue with much better results.

The boys each chose a stone and washed the dirt off. Notice the cleverly cropped photo which does not divulge the true state of my bathroom.

The boys practiced teamwork to cut their twine into yard-long lengths.

This is where the project got interesting. The instructions say to use hot glue to stick the twine to the back of the stone, then to wrap the twine around the stone, using glue to secure it as necessary. The hot glue, however, did not stick to the stone. At all. So I dug through my highly attractive and organized craft drawer and found the tacky glue, which did much better. However, the boys pretty much just had to sit and watch while I did this part of the project for them, because the glue was messy and getting all over everything. And, of course, unlike hot glue, tacky glue takes forever to dry.

I felt bad that the boys couldn’t wear their necklaces right away, plus we had all those extra stones, so I decided to use them for something else. I busted out an old cereal box and cut the front panel into two pieces. Then the boys painted them black.

While the paint dried, he boys washed their remaining rocks, and I put a big glob of glue on the back of each. They then stuck them down to create lovely rock display boards.

And here are the boys the next morning, wearing their lovely new rock necklaces. The tacky glue worked really well for this project, thankfully. We might have had a meltdown if it hadn’t. And I’m not telling which of us would have been doing the melting down. Anyway, I told Sam to give me a sweet smile. Apparently this is it.

And with the finished rock displays. Not sure what we’re going to do with those. Usually we just stick everything to the walls of their bedroom with sticky tack but you’d need a pretty stinking big glob of sticky tack to pin these bad boys up.

And there you have it, our stone projects. Have a great day, and I hope this inspires you to do something fun and unplugged with your kids today! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Fun with Stones

  1. Way to improvise! They look like they had fun.

    BTW, your “possibly related posts” came up with a story about Sharon Stone, and I actually came up with her name while I was brainstorming ideas for this project! :0 But what’s a two year old to do with that???


  2. Great project. When my P was little we would do the alphabet and numbers
    in stone on cereal boxes, mac n cheese boxes..any old thing we could glue rocks But we have many. many rocks in our yard.

  3. I didn’t know what to do either since we had done the painted rocks already *grin* But I love your necklaces. How super creative!! I’m going to have to remember this one for a future project 🙂

  4. What an awesome idea! Your sons will remember these times the same as I remember doing these things with my Mom.
    LOL it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who crops photos 😉

  5. Girl this idea “rocks”!! My lil one loves collecting rocks and right now they are in a ziploc bag in my dresser so this was a great idea of what she can do with them. : )

  6. you are just so clever, they have got to think they have like the coolest, funnest mom on the planet. i don’t think i would ever be into making anything with rocks LOL. but i never say never. that’s usually when God says, um, yeah, you can. here, i’ll show you. LOL

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