The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Episode 3

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This is it! The day you’ve all been waiting for! The epic Book Experience where I open up the blog for everyone to join in! AND those of you who participate will be entered in a sweet rocking Princess of Something drawing for a gift card! WAHOO, right? 🙂

Note: Mr. Linky will be appearing in the Book Experience from now on. Mr. Linky is very friendly and easy to use. Do not be afraid of Mr. Linky. Also, the fabulous happy happy joy joy giveaway will not be happening every week. Sorry, guys, but I’m just not that rich. If I were, you know I’d shower you all with joy and happiness and free stuff each and every week. 🙂

So . . . here’s what Expert Book Experiencers Stinky and Bubs did this week!

We have kind of been all over the place, with story books and a chapter book, and this week we delved into the world of nonfiction with the book Cross a Bridge. This is a book my mom gave Ryan that he absolutely loves. If you have little boys in your life, chances are they will enjoy it as well. (Sorry for the faily quality of all these pictures, we did this in the evening and I had to use the flash on all of them. Also, the Expert Book Experiencers were a bit squirrelly.)

The first project we did was to make bridges out of Legos. This took about three seconds. I believe that Expert Book Experiencer Bubs said that this is a stone arch bridge.

Expert Book Experiencer Stinky informed me that this is a covered bridge.

Then my Expert Book Experiencers created some artwork that sort of mimics the artwork in the book. I drew the shapes for them and then they cut them out and glued them down. Once again, Expert Book Experiencer Stinky wanted to create a covered bridge and Expert Book Experiencer Ryan wanted to create a stone arch bridge.

I think that Expert Book Experiencer Stinky is getting to be a pretty good cutter for someone who’s not even four yet. 🙂 (I have no idea what the orange stuff on his nose is, FYI.)

And here is Expert Book Experiencer Bubs and his glue stick of power.

And here they are with their finished pieces– I cut out all the fish, by the way. The boys’ small motor skills are improving but not that well. 🙂

And finally, because food projects are becoming a tradition here at the Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, we made candy bridges. This would be candy from the Fourth of July parade. I have about eight tons of it so it was good to get rid of some. We cut a couple of those little Frootie candies in half, then used Laffy Taffy to make the bridge.

And with their finished Edible Artwork:

Expert Book Experiencers Stinky and Bubs, of the Freakishly Large Hands, give Cross a Bridge four thumbs up!

And now it’s your turn. I will announce a winner on Sunday morning, so you have a couple days to do your own Book Experience if you haven’t already. This is such a fun thing to do– it stretches me to find activities and is a lot of fun for the kiddos Expert Book Experiencers.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Episode 3

  1. Really impressive Princess!! Glad the boys are showing so much interest in reading and then making the item of what they were reading. Really ties it in. I love reading about all the neat projects they do and books they read!! Hope they always love to read!

  2. I wish I had had time to do this this week. (please ignore that sentence, Grammar Queen). I had a great book and some awesome ideas, but we just haven’t had time. Hopefully when we get back from vacation we can participate.

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  4. I did one! Visit my blog and you’ll see. 🙂

    Lovely work there super mom. Read my blog and you will see why I am totally not even in your cool-ness realm. *sigh* My kids are just getting to be so dang old. 😦

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