The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Part 4

If you participate in the book experience this week and would like to share, please feel free to leave your link in the comment section. I will add it to the bottom of my post. 🙂

Also, this week we have a special addition to the Book Experience: sound! So be sure to listen to their sound bites which are under a couple of the pictures.

This week we delved into the happy and fun world that is Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter. My mom gave this book to Expert Book Experiencer Stinky a year ago, and we continue to enjoy its silliness. (Speaking of silliness, the boys were in a very weird and slightly naughty mood when I took most of these pictures, so they’re a little, um, quirky.)

In this book, a child uses her imagination to decide what she would say if, instead of the Pizza Man, a different sort of creature came to deliver her pizza. To the cow she says “Moooooo, Pizza Cow!” and to the dinosaur she says “ROAR PIZZA DINOSAUR!!!”

After we read the book, we thought of some other creatures that might deliver our pizza and what we would say to them. We decided that the silliest would be Tacky the Penguin, and that we would say “What’s Happening, Pizza Tacky!” if he delivered our pizza. Then Expert Book Experiencer Bubs informed me that he would give Tacky a “hearty slap on the back,” which is word for word from the Tacky books and made me giggle.

Once we had had this conversation, the boys got to draw an animal delivering a pizza.

Expert Book Experiencer Bubs chose a Pizza Pig.

You can see that the Pizza Pig has a curly tail and a snout. The square on his back is the pizza. Ryan also practiced his writing skills and wrote “Oink Oink, Pizza Pig!” Also, apparently the pizza pig has eyebrows. The kind that run in our family. Poor, poor pizza pig.

Expert Book Experiencer Stinky made a Pizza Bumblebee.

Notice the yellow and black stripes, and of course you can see his eyes, nose and mouth on the bottom. The pink things around the edge of the Pizza Bumblebee are legs, but he said they are the “legs of the doorway” and not the bee’s legs. And also the door can move around on those legs. For the record, I will not be visiting any house ever that has a creepy centipede-legged moving doorway. Back to the Pizza Bumblebee: the big pink stripe is the pizza box.

Following our artistic experience (which greatly disappointed Expert Book Experiencer Bubs because it did not involve cutting and gluing, which are his requirements for a project), we decided to make some lunch. And what else would we have but pizzas?

We made them on English muffins and I pretty much just let the Expert Book Experiencers do their own thing.

I love Expert Book Experiencer Bubs’ look of extreme concentration here.

And Expert Book Experiencer Stinky is pretty intense about the pizza making as well.

Notice how Expert Book Experiencer Stinky multitasks– adding cheese to his pizza while enjoying some pepperoni at the same time.

And finally the finished yumminess:

Hi Pizza Bubs!

Hi Pizza Stinky!

Expert Book Experiencers Stinky and Bubs give Hi Pizza Man four thumbs up.

Apparently pizza makes them hyper.


9 thoughts on “The Book Experience with Stinky and Bubs, Part 4

  1. What fun! Funny that you mention that book…we JUST returned it to the library today. Brendan loved it. Will definitely be doing some of this fun stuff with him. 🙂

  2. Looks like they had fun.

    So, I had planned on doing another book project this week. Then my week got crazy and stressful and I completely forgot! I’m disappointed, because I know Shiloh enjoyed it last week. We’ll do it next week. Sorry!

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