I’m Not Going to Blog Tonight

Because this morning at work we had the kids all ready to go on a field trip when we realized that two of the girls didn’t have their lunches so my coworker had to go make them. And then while we were sitting there waiting and the kids were getting louder and louder someone yelled “MEGAN HAS A NOSEBLEED!” and I had to go stand in the bathroom and try to get Megan’s nose to quit bleeding all over the place, and then I had to disinfect and was and scrub and sanitize and clean clean clean the bathroom so as not to contaminate the rest of the dear little children.

I’m not going to blog tonight because it took us twenty minutes to get all the children into the vans due to multiple carseat and seat belt malfunctions. And also because when I stopped to fill my boss’s van up with gas I accidentally used our spending money debit card and drained it of all our spending money for the week (yeah, that put about four gallons of gas in). And on the way to the park there was annoying music on every single station and I had the three loudest children in the universe riding with me. One was mine. And also there was road construction and I hate road construction.

I’m not going to blog tonight because once we got to the park and got settled down to watch the kids play on this huge awesome playground Tristyn kept running us and telling us there were poison bees and wasps and hornets and we had to leave right now because they could kill you with one sting. And also I had to take several children to the bathroom in quick succession because the one we usually use was locked so I had to take them to the other one.

I’m not going to blog tonight because after we’d been at the park for half an hour Clayton started crying because he had been stung, and while we were fishing out ice packs from the lunch boxes Brayton came up and said he’d been stung too. And then just a few minutes later Jesse came and said he had been stung, but I think he wasn’t.

I’m not going to blog tonight because once we got Clayton and Brayton and Jesse calmed down and decided to have lunch and got all the kids settled in the picnic shelter, Andie came up to us and was pale and crying and said her stomach hurt really bad and after we called and someone was coming to pick her up she started feeling fine and eating her lunch. And also because I had to use the park toilet. And there was no soap. And while we were sitting there eating four kids from another daycare also got stung by wasps.

I’m not going to blog tonight because while we were on the walk by the beach that we were forced to take because we couldn’t play on the playground due to the wasps, there was goose poop. I hate goose poop. And then when we decided to take the kids down by the water and let them wade for a few minutes before we left Ryan almost fell in and he got his shorts wet and then Mason did fall in and soaked his clothes. And then when we were sitting at the picnic tables putting our shoes back on I saw a baby bird on the ground that fell out of the nest and it made me sad.

I’m not going to blog tonight because when we got all the kids to daycare to have rest time, Sammantha put her hand in front of Michael’s mouth and Michael bit Sammantha and Sammantha started to howl. And then while I was sitting in the room with the resting children people kept coming in and making noise, and also the other teacher deserted me and so I had to sit there by myself even though I really had to go to the bathroom. And also the book I started while I was sitting in there was weird and I’m not sure I like it.

I’m not going to blog tonight because when we finished rest time and told the kids to line up Sammantha started crying and yelling and we couldn’t figure out what her problem was. And then when I was trying to figure it out Preston told me they couldn’t find Sammy’s (very expensive, have to be shipped to France if they need warranty work) glasses. And then after I found them and figured out that Sammantha had fallen asleep and didn’t want to fall asleep because it was still light out and therefore thought a meltdown was appropriate, my co-teacher told me I should go apologize to Preston for snapping at him when he told me about Sammy’s glasses.

I am not going to blog tonight because when I got home and dinner was just ready to go on the table we realized that there were no hamburger buns. And also I lost Art’s allergy medicine and he could hardly see because his eyes were so watery and itchy. And there was no ice cream in the house and the pharmacy closed half an hour before I got there to get more medicine for Art.

I am not going to blog tonight because I have had a very long, very tiring day and I am going to go watch TV with my husband.

And you will all just have to deal with it.


17 thoughts on “I’m Not Going to Blog Tonight

  1. I am so sorry Erin…..big hugs for you. That does sound liek a day….go rest and maybe their will be no wasps,poop,nose bleeds,or children in your dreams,only ice cream and you chilling on the couch with hubby watchin TV

  2. Sometimes, when you’ve had a nice, calm, easy day, isn’t it nice to just decide that you’re way too mellow to blog?

  3. Well, okay. I guess i can get bye one night without you blogging. It’s gonna be tough tho, let me tell ya. I might just have to go stir up trouble somewhere to be able to handle it.
    But you be dang sure to catch up tomorrow! Come highwater, bees, wasps, goose poop or loud kids, no excuse tomorrow.

  4. um…. was that another rendition (sp?) of my full day at hershey park last sept??? hugs to you. man, i’m tired after just reading that. i think i’ll go get another cup of coffee.

  5. I’m sorry you had such a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. This reminds me of a day at school sometimes. I don’t want to go back to work in six days.

  6. Ah, the field trip from Hell. As a retired teacher, I howled through this and nodded my head up and down 100 times…yep, been there, done that and one has to find humor in days like yours, otherwise as the calm and ever loving adults in charge we might shed some blood, do some bad deeds, or God forbid swear out loud in front of those innocents.

  7. What a day!
    I always thought before becoming a teacher field trips would be fun…wrong. It took one trip to Chicago with 23 six year olds for me to learn my lesson. The headaches were always bad after a field trip day.

  8. Wow! No, no you shouldn’t blog. LOL! Your day sounded like mine, only mine involved a few tears, but then things were fine and the ice cream made it better, only that wasn’t very good either…. don’t need the calories. Oh well!:)

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