Getting Settled

Well, I just looked out the window and discovered that my not-quite-four-year-old, encouraged by his brother, had climbed up onto the seat of his tricycle in order to reach the cross-bar of the clothesline and was hanging from it with a look of wild panic on his face.

So I guess you could say that life is back to normal around here. We are sort-of settled in, if you consider living with piles of boxes in your living room to be settled in, and life has gotten back to its normal routine of failing a lot. The toilet has overflowed at least once; the boys have had a fight that resulted in Sam sporting a huge blue goose egg in the middle of his forehead for a week; the dog has puked on the couch; and I backed our van out of our new driveway into our car on the first weekend we lived here. Like I said, back to normal.

So with this return to normalcy, such as it is around here, I thought that I really should probably get back into my blogging routine. So this is my solemn promise that I will blog at least three times in the coming week, and they will be longer than this one.

I had intended to blog longer today but Thomas the Tank Engine is stealing my brain cells. Sorry about that. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. This world is in need of more of your blogs. Maybe you should tell that big lazy oaf of a husband to take the kids out of the house for awhile so you can blog! 😉

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