They Mock Me

With their promises. Those pregnancy books, the websites.

Ten weeks! By now some of that nausea should be wearing off, and you’ll be feeling Great!

Do these people have any clue? Seriously? The people at Fareway today will never have any idea how very close they came to having to do bodily fluid clean-up on Aisle 10. All that food . . . Ugh.

So please bear with me, Dear Bloggy Friends. I feel very much how I imagine a water balloon feels after it has been thrown at the ground and exploded into a million little yellow latex pieces. I will blog when I can. And until then, well, I will gladly accept your sympathy.

I expect I have another four or five weeks during which I shall constantly feel like puking at any time.

Mock away, magazines and websites and various literatures.

Mock away.


13 thoughts on “They Mock Me

  1. Yuck. You poor thing. This is why I am not having a third. I would get so sick I was almost hospitalized twice and Zofran was a huge friend of mine. My mom even moved in with us when I was pregnant with my second because I couldn’t function and my first was only 9 months old. I have sympathy for you pouring from every inch of my being. Hang in there. It’s hard to remember that it does go away.

  2. Ugh!

    Well, my 2 (not-so-)secret weapons were
    1. Phenergan. It comes in a yucky little suppository which is no fun to use but boooooy, does it help. Of course you just dissolve into a sleepy little puddle, but it’s better than… well, you know.
    2. Mint chip ice cream. Seriously. It was the only thing that would stay down, and that only sometimes. But I proved it: One can survive, and build a placenta, on mint chip ice cream alone. Don’t try to shop for it yourself. It only works if someone brings it to you in a little bowl with a cute little spoon. Dishing it up for yourself is wayyy too much work.

  3. ew ew ew. pregnancy sickness sucks. i only hope yours quits at that time. mine lasted the entire 9 months. and i was crazy enough to do it 4 times. hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you my friend 🙂 hang in there. it’s all worth it in the end 🙂

  4. Well Wow! Your’e pregnant?! How did that happen? Well, yeah, i know THAT, but you know i didn’t know and WOW!
    So sorry you are having the yuckies problem, i was so lucky, 6 pregnancies and only puked one time when i drank too much coffee and ate too many smoked oysters…thats a whole nother story… oh, sorry, did i make your tummy queeze?
    LOL…………..i’m a mean brat aren’t i….
    love ya…….good luck…….

  5. 10 weeks?! Are they kidding?! Have they everr been pregnant?! Wow! With Katie I had 5 1/2 months of morningg sickness which was really all day sickness. The only thing I could keep done was peppermint tea with lots of sugar. i was half expecting Katie to come out looking like a tea bag! I feel your pain! hang in there sis!

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