Saturday Evening Fun

Art and I decided that it was time for a Hot Date tonight, so we put on our matching hoodies and headed for downtown Omaha.

Our first stop was the Gene Leahy Mall, where Art took lots of pictures and we walked along holding hands being disgusting. At some point disgusting will become cute, but that might not be for another thirty years and we’re not willing to wait that long to be mushy in public. So the universe, or at least the other people at the Gene Leahy Mall, can deal with it.

For some reason, he likes taking pictures of me. I guess I shouldn’t complain that my husband still thinks I’m cute after almost ten years together. 🙂

Cute or disgusting, you decide. Notice our matching hoodies. We’ve had them since the first year we got married. Art’s is a little more beat up than mine, I’m pretty sure thanks to the fact that he doesn’t shave often enough. Also notice that mine is missing its drawstrings. That’s because Art was wearing my sweatshirt the other day when he was out for a walk with Sam, and Sam’s pants kept falling down, so he pulled the drawstring out of the sweatshirt and used it to tie Sam’s pants up. Thanks, dear.

The Psycho Fall Fairy bestows her gift of leaves upon you.

Here’s one of my favorite of the pictures Art took along the Mall. It was such a beautiful fall evening!

After our walk we stopped for dinner in the Old Market, where I ate a most delicious calzone that is currently giving me heartburn. But it was SO yummy. We had an interesting conversation about what to name the new baby (Art’s newest suggestion was Christmas, which of course I vetoed. The poor child is due in May, for Pete’s sake. If we’re going to name him/her after a holiday, it should be Mother’s Day! Duh . . .). We also talked about ideas for Ryan’s birthday party, whether Sam would ever stop sucking his thumb, and various other exciting topics that made it obvious why it was so necessary to get away from the kids for an evening.

Then we went to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, which just recently opened up over the Missouri River between Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa. We actually went there this morning with my parents and the kids, and when we were on our way home tonight we saw it all lit up and decided that we should go take a look at it. We didn’t actually walk on the bridge; we just walked near it and under it so Art could take pictures.

Art and I had such a wonderful time tonight. And where, you ask, were the munchkins while Mommy and Daddy were out romping around Omaha?

On a hayrack ride with Grandma and Grandpa.

I think all of us would say we got the best end of the deal. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Fun

  1. Just for the record, you and Art are not disgusting — you are SO cute together! Hehehe! (And, oh my goodness, the sweatshirt thing is adorable.) 😀

  2. Oh heck yeah, you got the best deal!! So, you didn’t walk on the bridge? I’m terrified of heights but I’m highly intrigued by that bridge. I think I might have walked on it for like ten seconds or something. Even if it did make me pee my pants from fear.

    So, Ty and I wore our matching hoodies on Saturday to the pumpkin patch, how cool is that?! **LOL** Awesome, awesome pictures. Oh, and one other thing, you have got to be the most photogenic person that I know. Maybe that’s why Art takes so many pictures of you.

    I think you should name the next kid Shawty. Shawty Lo. After yours truly 🙂

  3. Kudos to us ladies that landed men who still think we are cute…even after having kids and many years of marriage.
    And good for you two that you were able to get out and have some time to yourselves…me and My Beloved should do that…last time we did was for our anniversary…in February.

  4. What a great evening. When my husband and I were DATING, we had matching shirts that were called “steady shirts.” I guess your hoodies are the modern, MARRIED version of steady shirts! 🙂

  5. Happy Halloween!!

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