A Brief Post of Random Stuff

Things that make me happy these days:

1. How cute my son Sam looks dressed up like a construction worker for his preschool Halloween party today (I’ll have to post pictures later).

2. The fact that my son Ryan, not quite six, is reading more every day. And he taught himself the end of the New Testament Books of the Bible song by basically reading the books in his Sparks book.

3. Baby Sprinkle is doing well, according to the ultrasound we had yesterday. He/she is an active little booger, and I definitely hope that by the time I can feel all those kicks he/she calms down just a little bit.

4. Superpoke on Facebook, which today allowed me to toilet paper about 25 of my dearest friends.

5. Gas. Which was, in my town this morning, $1.97. Hooray!

Stuff that’s not making me as happy these days:

1. My feet. They have been really smelly lately and I’m not sure why.

2. Work. Sigh. It’s been kind of stressful lately.

3. Getting up 300 times every night to use the bathroom.

4. The election. I will just be so glad when it’s over. SO. GLAD.

Okay, this was totally just a fluff post. But I’m going to do better, I really am. I promise. Right after I go throw and octopus at all my friends on facebook.



7 thoughts on “A Brief Post of Random Stuff

  1. I like the fluff posts. I thought my feet were really smelly when I was pregnant, but I think it might have been the fact that my nose was more sensitive to smells. Just a thought. Maybe it’s your nose, not your feet.

  2. Love your Baby Sprinkle name. Much better than the one we still call Danny sometimes, (especially his Uncle Mel in Washington): Decabooter. Sorry we didn’t get to visit much on Sunday.

    Don’t worry about the fluff, that’s what most days consist of.

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