Baby Update

I am officially at sixteen weeks now, which is an opportunity to breathe a little easier since we lost our last baby at 15 weeks. Yesterday we heard a good strong heartbeat, and I’ve been feeling movement more and more. The nurse informed me at my appointment yesterday that my blood pressure has gone steadily down at every visit, which I’m sure is at least partly because I’m starting to relax more.

We have our big ultrasound scheduled for December 16th, and we will hopefully be able to tell whether the little bean is a boy or a girl. I will absolutely post as soon as we know anything! 🙂

The boys are getting excited about Baby Sprinkle and go back and forth over whether they want a brother or sister. At one point they both said sister, but lately I’ve been getting conflicting stories. Sam’s head comes right up to my belly, and he has started running up for hugs and talking to my tummy, which is cute even if it is a wee bit weird.

I have gained about six pounds, I think. I’m pretty sure most of that weight is in my chest at this point. I’ve been wearing maternity pants for more than a month now but I’m still at the point where I just look fat and not really pregnant except in a few shirts. In spite of that, I’ve already received one belly pat.

My arthritis did not get the memo this time around that it’s supposed to go into remission when I’m pregnant, which is making life interesting since I can’t really take anything. I would appreciate your prayers!

And that is that. We are only a few weeks away from the halfway point, which is exciting, and I’m finally starting to feel better– at least most of the time. I haven’t puked in nearly two weeks, which is pretty good.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Baby Update

  1. Yay for feeling better, yay for healthy heartbeats, yay for two cute little boys that I want to squeeze their cheeks off and boo to the belly pat LOL!!! Never liked my belly patted, although I know some people don’t mind.

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to find out if it’s a girl or boy! (I realize that’s weird, since I don’t even know you, but I’m still excited.)

    I’ll say a prayer for you about the arthritis. As if pregnacy doesn’t have enough aches and pains of it’s own.

  3. What an exciting time in your life. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and joyful. And that you find comfort for your athritis if not a non-medicinal cure 🙂

    I also dropped by to let you know I will be on blog-cation and will not be able to visit and comment for awhile. I will miss your posts but I will be back. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

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