In Which I Decide That a Picture Really Is Worth 1,000 Words

And that therefore, the long and thought-provoking blog I was going to write tonight might as well be forgotten in favor of pictures of our Thanksgiving day.

Just one more reason for you to be thankful.


This is my mom showing the children all the lovely things they pack into the turkey. The boys stood there in awe as she pulled out the neck and the gizzards. She gave them a nice little science lesson that thankfully didn’t ruin their appetites.


This is my dad and Art playing with testing the race track which they put up for the “boys” to play with.This race track is really really really really old (love you Daddy)– my dad has had it since he was a kid.


And here the boys are actually getting a turn. πŸ™‚


Sam thought it was pretty funny when the cars skipped the track (which happened quite often).


How’s that for some father/son bonding time? Seriously, I love this picture in spite of the blurriness. πŸ™‚


Pre-dinner smooches!


Sammy waiting patiently for his dinner to be served!


And, well, if that just doesn’t say “Happy Thanksgiving,” I really don’t know what does.

Hope your day was filled with joy and gratitude!

P.S. Daddy, this blog title was just for you.


6 thoughts on “In Which I Decide That a Picture Really Is Worth 1,000 Words

  1. Loved the whip cream on Ryan’s nose and him trying to look at it!! Wild! The pictures and blog were great. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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