Happy Linky Fun

I’ve decided that nothing would make you, my faithful readers, happier than to know what sort of things have amused, entertained, and just generally made me happy on this great big internet this week. If you’re really lucky this will become a weekly feature. It’s all about the linky love, baby.

First, I have to give a shout out to Christy at After A Cup of Coffee for turning me on the this fabulous rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Seriously awesome stuff. It is now on our MP3 player as part of the Ultimate Christmas Mix of Joy and Happiness. I warn you though that after you listen to that you’re going to inevitably find yourself searching YouTube for their music. It’s addictive, just to warn you.

Second, if you are a big old literature nerd like I am, nothing will make you happier than The Hokey Pokey, written in Shakespearean English.

Third, if you’re in the mood to weep hysterically, check out this post by Veronica at Toddled Dredge. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fourth, I really feel the need to show some sisterly love today, and what better way than to send you over to her blog? She decided to do something completely unusual for Thanksgiving this year since the holiday had turned into a drag for her in the last few years. I am all about finding new fun traditions, and this is just awesome. Plus you can see my adorable nephews and niece, and how much cuter my sister is than I am.

And finally, my evil, horrible, no good, very bad Dad wrote a poem for my birthday on his blog. He started writing poems for me when I was very small. When I turned eighteen, I found a poem by him and a flower in my locker at school. And at my wedding, before he gave me away, he read a poem he had written. These never fail to make me cry, and I decided that you should get to see his creativity.


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