Ryan’s Christmas Program

Tonight was the epic event of Ryan’s First School Christmas Program. Thankfully for all involved, it was brief. In spite of that, Sam did not make it through the whole thing without a potty break. Sigh.

Anyway, Ryan’s class did a great job singing, especially Ryan, because he is of course the best kindergartener in his entire school.


Ryan insisted on wearing a necktie and was very proud of it, so of course before the program Art had to take pictures of our little handsome man. Seriously, isn’t he ridiculously grown up?


Ah, yes, my sweet angelic nearly six-year-old. Just in case you actually believe this picture, I think you should see some of the other shots. 🙂






This is my favorite, I think. It’s the Ghost of Christmas Fail.


Yeah. Merry Christmas from Ryan!


8 thoughts on “Ryan’s Christmas Program

  1. Okay, I was scrolling down, thinking what a cutie he is, and that last picture caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. That’s so funny. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I prefer Shiloh’s goofy “personality” pictures to the posed ones. I mean really, which ones will hold more memories five, ten years from now?

  2. I LOVE Ryan’s snowman tie! He looks so sweet and grownup! Like a little college student or prof! Yay for Christmas!

  3. Wow, he did look grown up. Notice I said did… LOL Then I got to the “Look at me, I look and act just like my Mommy” shots and busted out laughing. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome pics. I love programs like that. Drey has one coming up but the auditorium is so big, I’m not sure I’ll get a good close up pic of him singing or not.

    How on earth did you manage the Ghost of Christmas Fail???? I love it!

  4. Boy oh Boy — Does he remind me of Art singing (and of course, mugging for the camera — shades of his father that’s for sure) does he still want front teeth for Christmas?? LOL Great Pictures!

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