Why I Smile

The couch is giggling.

“Ssssh! Boys! you have to be quiet!” my mom instructs before calling my husband down the stairs. “They’re ready!”

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” comes an ominous sound from the stairwell.

The couch giggles a little more and says something that sounds like “be quiet Sammy!”

Art growls loudly again as he checks obvious hiding spots like in the oven and under the lid of the toilet. Finally he flops down on the giggling couch.

“That’s weird,” my mom says. “I never heard a couch laughing before.”

“Hmmmmm . . . could those boys be behind the couch?” the Hide And Seek Monster wonders aloud.

Up pop two little read-cheeked faces, flushed with the joy of so thoroughly fooling their silly growling daddy.

And I, sitting here checking my email, am once again so very thankful for the joy of being a part of this family.


6 thoughts on “Why I Smile

  1. My favorite part was when sam was hiding there and Ryan asked yelled “give me a clue where you are hiding!” and Sam said, “I’m downstairs behind the couch!!!” Bwahahahaha

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