This Time of Year

I have a confession to make. I despise this time of year. It is the worst for me. Winter sets in, the temperatures drop (ridiculously low this week, in case some of you didn’t realize that we are having extreme cold temperatures in the Midwest), the days are short, the kids are wound up, Christmas is over, and life is just generally not as easy to deal with in January as it is at other times of the year.

And as long as I’m sharing here, I might as well admit that when I feel down and blue and overwhelmed and whatever I feel entirely unmotivated to do anything except sleep, update my facebook with various descriptions of how miserable I am, and play text twist for hours on end. Oh, and eat, preferably sugar.

This particular January has the added bonus that I have reached the back-hurts-constantly stage of pregnancy (goodie! four more months of it!!! YESSS!!!), although I might have brought that upon myself by overindulgence in Conversation Hearts and homemade baked goods and white chocolate mochas (half-caff, y’all, I’m not the worst mother ever), causing me to gain NINE POUNDS in the last month.

Don’t jump to my defense. Nine pounds in one month is not a healthy weight gain even during pregnancy unless you can share clothes with a toothpick.

Anyway, feel free to blame my bloggy silence on my personal journey to springtime, which drags me through the ice and snow of January and February and the muddy slush (or slushy mud) of March and April, finally reaching fruition in May, when even Iowa tends to give up on the whole winter thing. Of course by that point I will likely be miserable for a whole new reason, because in case you didn’t know I’m actually pregnant, and due in May. Oh, and also, in my experience the last month of pregnancy is a direct result of Eve’s sin in the garden of Eden. If man had never fallen, pregnancy would only last eight months, I’m quite sure of it.

Anyway, you are nearing the end of the trip through purgatory that is this blog entry today, and because I love you for putting up with me in spite of my angst-filled blatherings, I will now proceed to point you in the direction of a few blogs that have made me laugh this week.

Big Mama contemplates whether her child is gifted

So incredibly random it’s hilarious

Rocking wedding cakes at Cake Wrecks

Seriously, people, sometimes I wonder what I would do without all these marvelous ladies out in bloggy land making me giggle. Well, possibly I would giggle at my kid, who just informed me that he can’t possible eat his carrot because it tastes like wall. Okay then.


7 thoughts on “This Time of Year

  1. It’s funny because we never want what we have. It’s been 70 here all week and I’m pissed. I want some rain and a howling storm…go figure.

    Things will get better.

  2. I had to lick the wall to see what it tasted like… Tell him it’s not that bad. (Of course, the spot I licked is also the spot Megan touched after eating a chocolate candy, but BEFORE washing her hands…so it might have tasted a little better than normal wall.)

  3. Ugh! You just reminded me why I hated being pregnant. And you’re right, the last month is the worst. Although I didn’t like any of it. Personally I thought labor was almost a relief, just because I knew the pregnant part was over. (Can you believe I almost wish I was married so I could have another one. Crazy how it’s all worth it after they get here. Well, after the year of sleepless nights, and the terrible twos…) Sorry for the lack of cheering up. But somehow it is worth it. Why do they have to be so stinkin’ cute!?!

    I asked Shiloh what her thumb tasted like the other day and she gave me a look like I was stupid and popped her thumb out of her mouth long enough to say, “Tastes like Shiloh.”

    Feel better soon.

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