I have had a couple people comment on the fact that I haven’t posted much recently, so this blog entry is a list of all the excuses I can come up with to explain my abscence. They are all true, by the way, whether or not they are valid.

1. Winter sucks the desire to blog right out of me.

2. Pregnancy brain means that every time someone in my family does something blog-worthy I forget it by the time I sit down at the computer.

3. I have been avidly keeping up with Octomom and haven’t had much time for writing between that and all my other online responsibilities (chatting with my husband while at work, reading all the blogs in my reader, emailing my sister 100 times a day to ask her stupid questions, and updating my facebook status).

4. In the last two weeks every member of my family has been sick at least once.

5. I have a hard time feeling inspired when I’m pregnant.

6. My header needs to be replaced, and I don’t know what I want to do with it, and every time I log in to my blog I see it there accusing me with its Santa hats of despair, and so I have been purposely avoiding it. This is true.

7. Many of the things happening in my life right now are pregnancy-related, and I make a great effort to not share too much information on this blog. Because, people, you just really don’t want to know. Trust me on that.

8. We can’t figure out a name for this child and it is driving me crazy. Every time I think I like a name I start not liking it. The upside to this is that I have been exposed to some very fascinating names in my search for the Perfect Name.

9. I have to leave one job now in order to go to my other job. So how do you possibly expect me to have time to blog? I don’t even have time to come up with an even ten excuses!


5 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. And we already discussed this, Erin. How on earth could you stop liking the name Shawty Lo Kilmer?! Sigh…. it’s beyond me. I wish I had thought of it for one of my four 😀

  2. Blogging is a cool thing, but really, you are doing so much it sounds like. And names are tough to come up with. I only have four boys, but we loved the names Eliza, Georgie, and Francesca. Maybe granddaughters…

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