Clash Night

Our church’s AWANA program had clash night tonight, and let me tell you there was a little boy in my house who has been so excited for clash night. We were actually supposed to get our clash on sometime last month, but due to winter weather AWANA was canceled that evening and we were stuck at home, not clashing.

Thankfully they rescheduled, and tonight was the big night.

It’s possible the reason that Ryan was so excited about clash night is because I was pretty excited about clash night too. Anyone with as large a collection of brightly colored, printed pajama pants would be, really. Brightly colored, printed pajama pants and access to a closet that includes a multitude of plaid men’s shirts. And patterned neckties.

At least I’ll keep telling myself that.

We were two of the clashiest, and therefore coolest, people there.



You just wish your kid was as cute as my kid. What he lacks in submissiveness and humility, he makes up for in extreme cuteness. And I can say that, because he looks nothing like me.


See what I mean? Although we do make quite the dashing pair. I cut up a bedsheet to make our rocking bandanas.


And that there is just a gratuitous toothless wonder shot. I thought your eyes might need a cleansing after seeing me in all my clashy pregnant glory. Because he is just that cute. And I am just, well, not.

Okay, I’ve gushed about my kid long enough.

I guess that means this blog entry is complete.

Have a lovely day.


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