An Open Letter to my Womb

Dear Womb,

You and I have made it through nearly 31 weeks of this pregnancy. And I must say, I really do appreciate all the work you do holding and protecting my little Sprinkle.


You and I have been through this pregnancy thing before, more than once. And each time you have obligingly occupied the lovely stretched-out extra skin below my navel, which I carefully grew just for you and my babies. This time, though, you seem bound and determined to attain new heights.

Womb, dear, we still have nine weeks. My ribs aren’t going anywhere. My lungs, they must have room to inhale. My skin, it can only stretch so much.

What I don’t understand is the reason that you would choose to ignore that lovely pocket of extra skin, so lovingly grown in my previous pregnancies, and instead choose to boldly go where no womb has gone before. And while I appreciate that you have thus far left my bladder alone (for the most part), and that your high aspirations have kept my hips safe from that awful pregnancy waddle that we shared late in my previous pregnancies, I do not approve of the constant heartburn, the rib pain, and the inability to breathe.

And I really don’t approve of how you have ignored the pre-stretched skin I offered you, choosing instead to stretch out my previously unmarked skin in your explorations. Of this “carrying high” thing, I do not approve.

Seriously, womb. What have I ever done to you?




6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Womb

  1. HAHAHA! my girls not only DIDN’T fill that stuff in on the bottom, they laid to the side and left me LOPSIDED now. one side of my bellygoo is longer than the other. let me tell you, it’s one heckuva pretty sight.

    or maybe not.

  2. Oh yay! I had forgotten about the “joy” of pregnancy. You’re scaring me. Remember that I have two on board!!

  3. Yep, its totally a girl thing! Katie and Abby kept up high and this little stinker of a boy is low and makes me have to go potty every half hour or so. Oh, and I’ve gone to the all out pregnant waddle at only six months along! Isn’t pregnancy wonderful?!! šŸ™‚

    Oh hey, this is to tramatize your dear husband…my belly fat is lopsided too! The scar from having my appenix removed makes the right side of my lower tummy smaller than the left! I’m seriously thinking of having something on the other side removed to even things out! šŸ™‚

    Love your entries Erin, you keep me giggling!

  4. LOL Very cute and personal. I also hated it when each pregnancy found new places to stretch. Good luck in the final stretch 9pun intended).

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