Hooray for Unseasonably Warm Weather!

img_0870Sammy would like to announce that today it feels like spring. And that is a very good thing. Because when it feels like spring, Mommy gets crazy and does things like dig out jackets and caps and leashes and takes little boys and Faildogs for walks. Which makes little boys and Faildogs very happy.

img_0871And it’s possible that fresh air and warm breezes make Mommy happy too. Almost as happy as cute pictures of little boys being walked by their Faildogs.

Seriously. Are they not adorable? Just say yes. It’ll be easier that way.

img_0875If these pictures came with sound, they would sound like this. “NO ROSIE! Stop running! Slow down!”

Poor Sam. He’s definitely bigger than Rosie, but she is a very strong and determined little faily mutt when she wants to be. She likes it when he holds the leash, because it means she gets to go wherever she wants. Sam, however, tired of it fairly quickly and asked me to take the leash back. Which I was glad to do, because I’m nice like that and did I mention we’re having unseasonably warm weather and it makes me happy?

Maybe I’m a bad person to let the long, miserable, cold, boring, horrible days of a central Iowa winter get to me, but there it is. The older I get the more I hate it. I like snow at Christmas. I like sledding, although that was out this year thanks to my balance being off and the fact that I don’t own nearly enough warm winter wear in maternity sizes. It’s the cold. And the wind. And the ice. And– well, you get the picture.

And I realize that it’s only march 5th, and therefore it is fairly likely that we will have at least one, if not a few, more snow “events” before spring really bursts forth, there is no doubt that hidden among all that nasty brown grass there were green shoots. That’s what I’m talking about.

img_0878Besides, look at that face. Who could be gloomy with that face smiling at them?

Well, okay, it has been known to happen, but seriously, combine that smile with unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine and the fact that by this point that extra weight Rosie put on over the winter was really slowing her down and she was no longer jerking on her leash, and it’s enough to make even this large pregnant grumpy lady smile.

img_0880Yes, he really is that cute. And he promises to be a very good big brother. What more could a Mommy ask for?

I mean, I could ask for this weather to stay around for awhile. I could ask for my dog to stop failing so much. I could ask for a million dollars.


Or I could be content with a picture of my four-year-old, in a t-shirt, holding a stick and a pinecone, standing in front of a snowbank as tall as he is.

Sometimes, Iowa really is a kind of hilarious place to live.

By the way, I know I owe you all Ryan’s answers to the questions that Sam answered the other day. They’re coming, I promise. I need to take a picture of Ryan to accompany his brilliance, and this morning was just not a good morning for such things, since Ryan and I were only barely tolerating each other this morning (yeah, haha, God, giving me a son just like me only making him a morning person. Verrrry funny).

Also, yes, Sam is missing his glasses. They broke and we are waiting for a replacement part to arrive from France or Italy or somewhere. Because Sam’s glasses, they’re European. We are that cool, people.

And finally, I know I need a new blog header. I just can’t make up my mind about what I want. It’s my issue and I appreciate you all reading my blog in spite of the Cheery Christmas Header. That’s why I love you. πŸ™‚

Have a great day, and if spring has come to your neck of the woods, I certainly hope you can find time to enjoy it today.


10 thoughts on “Hooray for Unseasonably Warm Weather!

  1. OMG πŸ˜€

    okay, so this is the offer:

    i’ll take your two boys and faildog and trade ya my two girls. i won’t even make you take the failcats, i promise. just for a week. i freaking love those kids and i want them.

    i’m on my way now, i’m not even waiting for an answer πŸ˜€

  2. Yes, I too love the feel of spring in the air, so I took your dad for a walk. He did not pick up a pine cone or a stick which would have required bending down, but he did hold my hand. Now that makes me smile.

  3. Yay- it’s warm here today, but it’s raining! I hope it clears up so me & Z can go for a walk later.

    I totally know what you mean about the winter- I really struggled last winter when Z was a newborn and I was stuck in the house…couldn’t even go out for a walk…aaaahhhh! This year wasn’t quite as bad, but I think it’s definitely legitimate to feel grumpy in the winter & happy in the spring & summer. So there you go. πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, twas a beautious day…and I was happy, too…until I walked stinkin’ 2 miles and wore myself out…a lot. Eh, it was worth it. I think it helped ward of the cold I’ve been fighting. Yay!

  5. Yay for warm days! It was 66 here today and I loved it. Wish we had those more often in Winter. TFS your cute pics and memories.

  6. Thanks for the post that makes me smile, too. Last week, in Arizona, I, too, picked up a stick and a couple of pinecones. Then I brought them back here to the SNOW & COLD!! Why did I ever come home to Nebraska? It’s almost as bad as Iowa!
    PS Regarding his “jim-jams” post, your husband is really wierd, fits right in with the family.

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