Check Us Out! We’re All Home-Improvementy!

Art and I have been married for almost nine years, but we have never owned our home, so most home improvements have involved things like buying new bookshelves.

When we moved into our current home, however, we were overjoyed to discover that the previous tenants (a group of college boys) had given their own unmistakable touch to the walls of our house. The landlord said they could paint but to please keep in neutral.

As you can see by this picture, they were almost as great at following directions as my own children are.


The attractive green paint was put up there by a guy who one of the other guys described as “kind of weird.” The red pen markings were put up there by my six-year-old, who also could be described as “kind of weird.”

For the last six months, this has been the boys’ room, and the limeyness of the walls never seemed to bother them. However, with the coming of a new little bundle in just a couple months, Art and I will be moving into this room.

And I am not all about living inside a piece of citrus fruit, no matter how good it tastes in pie.

I have never painted a wall before. Art has, many years ago, when he was saving money to buy me a diamond. For a summer, he repainted dormitory walls. So, armed with his extreme experience and my great desire to get rid of the painfully green walls, we went to Menards this morning and came back armed with primer, paint, and paint rollers. And also some little planters that were on sale and a box of Whoppers.

It’s called multi-tasking, people.

Then we climbed into our grubbies, taped off the windowframes, dropped some cloths on the floor, and busted out the paint rollers.

Sam helped.



So did I.


Sam was very offended when Art painted over my lovely sentiment.

We had to do two fairly small walls (the others were a completely non-matching shade of off-white, which doesn’t really need to be primed), and it took pretty much the entire bucket of primer to cover up that awful green.

Hopefully this weekend we’ll get the actual paint on the walls, and I promise to post pictures. If it goes well, we might just decide to gut the bathroom and completely remodel the kitchen.

Ha. Ha.


8 thoughts on “Check Us Out! We’re All Home-Improvementy!

  1. that green would only ever be cute mixed with the other walls being pink for your crazy little shawty lo on the way when she hits a retro-teen-weird stage! LOL!!!!

    awesome pics and looks like fun! i love to paint!!! i’ve always been the one to paint and am going to here in another month so we have this place ready to go when we are ready to move out!

    have fun! can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. Sam is so adorable.

    I don’t really get why they would have just painted 2 walls, and why the landlord didn’t have a fit about the color. That’s certainly not neutral!

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! What color did you choose? Just a beige or something?

  3. Painting is fun 🙂 Okay, tiring, too. Last spring we did 2 rooms and the foyer. It was our family project. I can’t wait to see your room when it’s all done, and the lyme-ness of it had been painted away.

    What a cute little helper you have over there!

  4. OMG! I LOVE the lime green! It’s my dream color! DH won’t let me paint my room that color for fear that when we decide to sell no one will want to buy the house because of the color!

  5. Ewww not a fan of that green. That is almost as bad as my sister’s gray walls and ceiling in Turk’s bedroom. Almost. 🙂

    I don’t like to paint so the more power to you!!

    Oh and Sam is adorable!

  6. Great to have a little helper!! Looks like he was a lot of help!! Bet it will look great when you put the finish coats on!! Enjoy and have fun!!

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