Some Decorating Goodness (AKA, Look Who’s Nesting)

Rumor is I’m nesting. I’m okay with that. In the last couple days I’ve been inspired to try my hand at some little projects to make my living room look more homey.


This shelf is on the wall near my front door and I try to decorate it according to the seasons. It was time to take down the snowman decorations and put up something for spring.

I saw the branch project on Joys of Home and decided I should try it for myself. I used some silk flowers cut off a stem I got at Michael’s and glued them onto the branch. I didn’t paint it because I decided that the natural wood would add the right contrast with the wall behind. I couldn’t find my glue gun so I used tacky glue to adhere the blossoms; this was a complete pain in the neck but it did work. I got the vase at Menards the other day for $.50, which I think was a fabulous deal. Total cost for the vase project– about $1 ($.50 for the vase, $.25 for floral foam from the dollar tree, and the flowers which I got for $.60 for the stem but used less than half the blossoms).

I needed some artwork to hang in that spot on the wall; I didn’t have anything that would work for spring in the colors of my living room. Lucky for me I found the “friends are the flowers” wall hanging at Goodwill for $2. I love how it matches the colors of my living room and brings in the spring theme. Makes me happy!

The rest of the stuff on this shelf is scrounged up from around my house. The angel is one of my mom’s famous Christmas angels from several years ago. The elephant is from my elephant collection, which I don’t really add to anymore, but still have a lot of goodies from. The bowl is from a friend who went to Africa recently. It is made of stone and has a camel inside, but I kind of ignored the camel and just filled it with silk flowers from my stash. I’m sure I’ll be able to show off that awesome African art another time. I cut the butterfly out from some scrapbooking paper and mod-podged it to the candle (which I seriously just found lying around my house; I think I got it in a gift bag from my boss on Valentine’s Day). I decided the shelf needed some blue on the other end too, so I made the monogram using my scrapbooking supplies.


Anyway, I really love this little bit of spring right near my front door and the big picture windows. 🙂 It looks so much better in real life; you’ll have to stop by sometime to see.


My other project, which actually took a lot more time, was for the wall above my couch. I found a metal tray at Goodwill for $3 and knew I could find some kind of use for it. I had originally intended to use it on a shelf I’m painting, but decided it would look really cool on my wall. I bought this butterfly paper from Michael’s for $1 and cut out several butterflies and used mod podge to attach them to the inside of the tray. I had the K monogram in my scrapbooking stash, along with the ribbon. After I was done with the mod podge I decided that it still needed something, so I went digging around in my yard for a stick (at 11:00 at night), and came in and tacky glued a bunch of cream-colored silk flowers to it that I had bought for another project (still have a ton). I had the blue frames already and just cut the paper to fit– then cut out one random butterfly to stick to the picture frame. Eventually I want to put a picture of our family up there, but for now the picture of my boys and their cousins works for me. Total cost of this wall grouping: $4.

Anyway, I have a couple of other projects in the works, not to mention the now-painted but completely empty bedroom, which I will be posting over the next few weeks in addition to my usual blah blah blah about whatever happens to be running through my mind.

Yay me. I’m getting my nest on.


10 thoughts on “Some Decorating Goodness (AKA, Look Who’s Nesting)

  1. maybe it’s time you got rid of the Christmas banner, too? Since you’re in a spring cleaning mood and all…

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