She is sweet and new and miraculous; all that is right with the world bundled up in a pink fleece blanket.

She is everywhere soft, from the top of her downy head to the tips of her monkey toes, with the exception of her cry, which is anything but soft.


She is the maker of silly little twitchy faces as she sleeps, and I wonder how I could have forgotten that particular trait of our littlest people.

She is absolutely incredible, and she holds my gaze with her dark blue newborn eyes and reminds me that there is always hope in this world.

She is only four days old and has her entire family wrapped around her perfect little fingers.


She is snuggly and warm and nearly impossible to put down, even when the dishes or the laundry or the internet call.

She is my dreams and fears and the best parts of me, and she fills my heart and eyes with wonder.

She is adored, even when she cries in the night and keeps me from sleep.

She is a constant reminder in name and in person of the grace of our God, who put her in our home, who prepares the way for her, who knew her in my womb.

She is purely amazing.


Grace Rebekah was born April 27th at 1:56 pm.

She weighed 9 lbs., 10 oz., and was 20 1/2 inches long.