Unwrapping my Tuesday

Today was my son’s last Tuesday as a kindergartener, which means it was also my last Tuesday for a few months home alone with my two younger kids. That’s right, folks, we are nearly ready to embark on that fun and magical three-month-long exhibition of sibling rivalry known as summer vacation.

Brethren, pray for us.

It is also my last Tuesday on maternity leave; next week I go back to work part-time, which is heavy on the bitter and light on the sweet, although I must admit that as soon as I get that first paycheck I am SO getting a haircut. And also an eyebrow wax. Because the eyebrow, it is requiring its own area code these days.

Anyway, I was inspired by Emily at Chatting at the Sky to unwrap my Tuesday today, and take a few minutes to enjoy the two littler people God has given our family. It’s fairly likely that Sam would have preferred that I enjoy him by feeding him large quantities of chocolate cake, and Gracie’s preference would have been that I hold her and gaze adoringly at her for the entire morning. But I chose to enjoy them through my camera lens.


This little boy, at four and a half, is simply a riot. He talks my ear off all morning long about the intricacies of Thomas’s latest adventure or the boat he is building out of Legos. He is suddenly huge and much too grown up, thanks especially to the contrast between him and his little sister.


After four and a half years as the baby of the family, he has adjusted remarkably well to being a big brother. And I can’t tell you what a great help he is to me when we’re hanging out in the mornings.


She had a rough weekend, Miss Gracie did. Not much sleep and a lot of crying. Today at the doctor they measured her and she has grown an inch in a week. Which certainly explains the bottomless pit she became last week.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I am overcome with an incredible urge to just kiss those fat cheeks and rolly little arms like a maniac. And sometimes just looking at her makes me want to laugh, the happy kind of laugh. These things tend to happen when I’m out in public and have to restrain myself. Because no one wants to talk to the scary sleep-deprived mother who is laughing quietly to herself in Walmart. I’m just saying.


Her eyes aren’t big, people. Her eyelids are just far apart.

Can you really blame me for wanting to smother her little chunky baby self with kisses?


I mean, really, LOOK at those cheeks!

It is so important to take the time to unwrap the little moments and celebrate them. On Friday, their big brother will graduate from kindergarten. And I know for a fact that it was only yesterday that I was adoringly gazing into his little face, waiting for a glimpse of a smile, kissing his fat baby cheeks.

These moments, they fly.


If we don’t unwrap them today, they will be gone tomorrow.


unwrap your Tuesday at Chatting at the Sky.


9 thoughts on “Unwrapping my Tuesday

  1. After reading this post, I almost want to have a 4th baby because omylordsheisadorable. Love these photos and your writing voice is really nice and well-developed. Is that weird that I just said that? Anyway. So glad you linked up!

  2. HEr big eyes are soooo beautiful!!! I want to kiss her cheeks too, so you’ll have to give her chubby-wubby cheeks some extra kisses for me! 🙂

  3. This is awesome!! Beautiful words and beautiful children!! Love all the pictures. Give all the kids hugs and kisses from Grandpa and Grandma K!!!!

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