An Open Letter to my Husband

Dear Mr. Awesome,

Thank you for being the most wonderful husband in the universe.

Thank you for bringing me coffee.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for being so involved with the kids.

Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful.

Thank you for not complaining about how messy the house is, or how not ready dinner is.

Thank you for working hard to support our family.

Thank you for holding my hand when we go out.

Thank you for playing footsie under the dining room table during yet another crazy family dinner.

Thank you for loving me when I am so very unlovable.

Thank you for posting private jokes as your facebook status.

Thank you for being the man of my dreams for all these years.

Thank you for sharing my life with me.

Happy anniversary, baby.



P.S. On a scale of one to awesome, you are an awesome. I thought you should know.


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