And You’ll Never Believe Who Forgot to Bring Kleenex

Today was an epic day in the annals for our family’s history. Today we added another diploma to our wall.

Today Ryan graduated from Kindergarten.

In case you were wondering, yesterday he graduated from preschool. And the day before that he was born.ย  So I’m not really sure how in the world they let him graduate kindergarten already. Apparently some sort of loophole in the school’s graduation policy.

Anyway, we miraculously made it out the door– all five of us– and to the school in time this morning, which if you know me you know is a miracle. We only forgot three things– Gracie’s pacifier (oops), spare batteries for the video camera (double oops), and of course, Kleenex (oh dear).

But the good news is we took lots of pictures, which you are about to see.

We brilliantly sat on the wrong side of the auditorium, so we couldn’t get a very good picture of them walking up the aisle. They stood on the risers to say the pledges, share some of the things they learned this year, and sing a song. This is the only time Ryan smiled that entire time. He takes things like this very seriously. While all his little friends were spinning around, twiddling with their clothes or hair or whatever, chatting it up with their neighbors, Ryan stood there just like he had been instructed to, facing forward, with his hands by his sides. That’s just how he is.


After they showed off how awesome they are, the class left and we got to watch a photo montage of their year. I was kind of wishing for the Kleenex at that point, but that was nothing compared to how I felt when they started playing “Pomp and Circumstance” on the piano and here came our little man. Thankfully Art had the camera this time and managed to get a good picture.


This is Ryan getting his diploma. He also got the Christian Character Award, which is given to one boy and one girl in the class for being an example of Christlike Character. I’m sure you can imagine that we are very proud of him. At this point I was wondering if people would think it was weird if I blew my nose on Gracie’s burpcloth.



The kids finished their program with a poem about kindergarten, and Ryan’s line was “N is for Next Year, First Grade here we come!” At the beginning of the poem, Gracie suddenly freaked out and I had to boogie out of there with her screaming self. Art was up at the front to take pictures, and after I got to the back of the auditorium and had her calmed down I realized that I had left Sam sitting in his seat. Thankfully he didn’t go too crazy. Also thankfully spelling out “kindergarten” takes a pretty long time, so I got to see him do his part. Not so thankfully, at about the letter G the batteries for the video camera died.


Hopefully I’ll be able to get the video from one of the other parents, since Ryan’s big moment was at the very end. They had asked him to close in prayer. He did such a great job.


After his prayer was over, Ryan turned back into a hyperactive little boy. Apparently he had been a bit nervous. He and the little boy next to him got to giggling, into the still-live microphone of course. It was very funny.


Then they took the class out to the foyer for photo opportunities, which gave Ryan and his friends a chance to be silly and crazy one more time before summer break.




Then it was time for photo ops all around, and cake! This is Mrs. Jeske, one of Ryan’s teachers. She’s going to have a baby this summer, so this was her last year teaching for awhile. She was almost as emotional as I was! She did such a great job with this class. I know that the school will miss her a lot.


And this is Mrs. Wells, who the school hired to help Mrs. Jeske when they realized it was going to be the biggest kindergarten class in the history of the school. Ryan might just get to have her as his teacher again in a few years, since next year she’ll be teaching third grade.


I dressed Sam and Gracie to coordinate with Ryan’s rocking red necktie, so of course I had to attempt a picture. Shortly after this Gracie lurched into the arm of the chair and that was the end of that.


We just couldn’t help ourselves. This is about how big I feel like Ryan is anyway.


And that’s that. After gorging themselves on chocolate cake, running around the cafeteria like maniacs, fighting over the balloon that Ryan got to bring home, and saying goodbye to a bunch of friends, we headed to the van and into summer.

Ryan is handling it much better than I did. On my last day of kindergarten I cried all afternoon because fall and first grade were so very far away. Ryan is dealing with it in his own way– showing off his Christian character by bossing around his little brother.

And I am the one crying all afternoon. Because my baby isn’t such a baby anymore. And also because fall and first grade are so very far away.


5 thoughts on “And You’ll Never Believe Who Forgot to Bring Kleenex

  1. Yay how cute! Hurray for Ryan! The race is on now to see if he can get more diplomas and awards than I can…:-)

  2. Awww…I bet you are so proud!! I can’t wait to see my little boy be such a good leader for Christ, in kindergarten even!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, wait – yes I can! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Time does fly by that’s for sure!! Just imagine how fast it goes for Sam and Grace!! Congratulations to Ryan on both graduating and receiving the Christian Character Award!! That is wonderful!!

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