In Which I Show You Approximately 6,000,000 Pictures

We went to the beach tonight and Art and I took a bunch of pictures. There’s lots here, but considering that a) we have the three most adorable kids in the universe and b) we took more than 200 pictures, you are really getting off easy.

So enjoy them! We sure enjoyed our evening at the beach!


Surveying the water, still clean and dry.


I just love this of Sammy.


Aren’t they funny?


Two of my best guys.


Yes, as a matter of fact, he is ridiculously tall. Sigh.


I absolutely love this picture. 🙂


Collecting some rocks to throw in the water. Ryan has been throwing rocks in the water at this beach since he was a year old.


Skipping rocks.


It’s Bobble Head Sam!


Doesn’t this look like we’re at the ocean instead of a little lake in Iowa?


Love this man.


And this sweet baby girl.


Even better when they’re together!


See how wet they had gotten by this point?


Gracie’s first picnic on the beach.


While I was feeding Gracie we decided to take some pictures of the two of us. Aren’t we cute?


Of course we are!


And here we have Fail #1 and Fail #2. Which is worse, Ryan’s underwear pulled up to his armpits or Sam’s bum hanging out for all the world to see?


Still cute.


Still in love after all these years!


Not bad for a family picture taken with the self-timer. The my-eyes-won’t-open-all-the-way look is the one I sport pretty much all the time these days!


Love these guys!


Art was swinging Sam around. Cutie patooties.


Grainy but hilarious.


Sometimes when I look at my family I am just amazed by the gifts God has given me. Aren’t they incredible?


Never mind the maniacal expression on my face. Isn’t Sam cute?


I love that he’s still small enough to give me kisses, even though he’s so huge.




Oh, and let’s not forget Gracie. She was chilling in her carseat and on her blanket while we were cavorting on the beach. She’s been smiling a lot lately but we have yet to catch the full-on grin on camera.


Still, she’s awfully darn cute, don’t you think? Love this baby. Love this family.

Love you if you’ve managed to stick with me through all these pictures!


18 thoughts on “In Which I Show You Approximately 6,000,000 Pictures

  1. I love the one that shows u all together. It is awesome. All the kids are cute and you all look very happy together.

  2. Cute pictures Erin!! The beach bum one is hilarious!!!! That will be one that you show them when they are 18!:)

  3. Oh, your pictures are so cute! I love the one of Art holding Grace – so cute!!! 🙂 Z loves to throw rocks in the water, too – we just go to the creek here at camp, but it would be fun to go to a beach…we have one 1/2 hour away on Lake Erie, I bet he would love it. 🙂

  4. These pictures are awesome. Your family is beautiful. and I would have to say the underwear up to the arms pits is better than the butt out for the world to see 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Erin, those are some AWESOME pictures! Just amazing!

    I’m glad you all had a great time. God’s blessings are just miraculous.

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